Ich bin ein Berliner

Berlin. The city of mood lighting, funny hair cuts, peddling and home to my lovely sis, Liz!

The trip in Berlin was a lot of fun. On my first day, as I was wrecked, we pottered about. Eating, catching up and admiring Pip, the newest and craziest member of the family.

Taken by Liz Rushe @ Turkish Market, Maybachufer, Berlin

Liz brought me to some of her favourite places to munch. Cafe Schmuck for Veggie Quiche and Tuna/Rocket salad. Mikoto for rice paper wrapped tofu summer rolls and veg broth. Maria Peligro for Sadzules Tortillas, egg filled tortillas covered in a pumpkin seed and habanera sauce topped with red onions and refried beans.

Taken by Liz Rushe @ Maria Peligro, Skalitzer Str., Kreuzberg, Berlin

And not forgetting Bistro Baghdad for everyone’s all time fave…Falafel kebab… I have to come to this place every time I’m in Berlin. Monstrous Falafel kebab for 2 squids and you’re always guaranteed some cheerful banter from the guys behind the deli stand!

On Friday, we went to the Turkish Market. Just down from Kotbusser Tor train station. It’s full of stalls selling wonderfully fresh and colourful fruit and veg, arabic foods, juice stalls, clothes and material and general markety knick knacks…. We picked up some kaki fruits, cranberries, raspberries and physalis(cape gooseberry). I’ve been greedily chomping my way through them in fruit salads every morning. I also grabbed some herbs…fennel seeds and vanilla green tea :)

We stopped at the Greek stall where we were swiftly handed two shots of Ouzo and filled our bags with creamy basil pesto with a few extra sun dried tomatoes thrown in and sesame paste.

These were immediately gobbled up when we bumped into Liz’s friends Yoni and Liam. We sat by the river for what seemed like hours, munching and laughing. It was such a beautiful day, people were passing by to say hello and boats filled to the brim with tourists were waving as they sailed on by.

On Monday afternoon we set off for the Mauerpark flea market. Myself and Liz went along with Pip and met up with Katja there. We plodded about for a while….I’ve bought so much in the flea markets over the years I had to divert my gaze from all the shiney crockery and lovely jubbly!! At 3 o’ clock this Irish guy sets up ‘Velvet Karaoke’ so we went over and found ourselves a nice spot right up the front to get all of the action. Some random German trad band was playing and after they finished Mr. Karaoke jumped on. He started off himself with a bluesy number I didn’t quite know but it certainly got the crowd going. After him there was a little old German cowboy singing Gary Cooper and then Fred from New Zealand singing ‘I wanna know what love is’ for his wife, it was hilarious and sweet. He had the whole crowd singing their hearts out and giggling outrageously at the same time! I stayed for a couple of hours after the girls left, it’s the kind of situation where you have to stay until you see the next person.

From 80′s classics such as ‘Don’t you want me baby’ to 90′s pop as ‘I’m too sexy’…. they kept coming out and the crowd loved it..until the rain got the better of us and people had to run for cover. I conveniently ran for cover at a falafel stand and nibbled on some until the rain passed and I set off home, back to Kreuzberg. The rain finally gave way to blue skies and Mr. Sun appeared.

To finish, on my last day, a trip to the Cupcake Cafe….for the world’s most amazing cup cakes.

Taken by Liz Rushe, Cupcake Cafe, Krossener Str, Friedrichshain, Berlin


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