Day out in Dubland

On a recent trip to Dublin to visit my sister we wandered, shopped, cycled and ate all around Dublin. Just about as much as we could handle. I arrived up early Saturday afternoon. Our first port of  call was to ‘Gruel‘ on Dame St. in search of some good time eatin’. I’m on a quiche buzz at the mo and ‘Gruel was suggested to me recently.

I had the Roast veg quiche(of course) with fries and salad. The lovebirds went for Eggs Benedict and French toast with Bacon. All was mouth watering.

After wards we took a stroll through Temple Bar and fill my box full of fresh organic veg. It’s such a treat for me to get organic produce as it’s usually unavailable in Doha.

Then it was on to get the cheese, I stopped at the Corleggy Farm cheese stand and the chap was ever so pleasant, all I wanted was a wee bit of goat’s cheese but I came away with 2 big rounds of it and some delicious looking halloumi as well. I couldn’t resist, it was just melt in your mouth!!

We toddled on then to Murphy’s Ice-Cream in Temple Bar Square. The Sea Salt ice-cream caught my eye immediately. I tested a bit and just had to have a scoop. Accompanied with a large scoop of the dark chocolate I was heaven.

Every one had to have a bite. Simon went for his all time fave Mint crisp and choc chip, guaranteed satisfaction.


After we chilled out with Murphy’s cow for a while, we took a shot at the shops. My sister Denise is absolutely in love with all things vintage. So our first stop was naturally ‘The Harlequin’ to admire the very beautiful tweed jackets. After it was in to ‘Wild Child’ where I was informed of what’s in now. I think Denise gets carried off to the 50’s when she steps inside the doors of this shop.

WE hopped on a pair of Dublin bikes and headed off down the quays. Taking care not to get smushed by a looming Dublin bus. Sitting by the quays is somehow quite peaceful if one forgets about the traffic whizzing by. Good for a sit and an aul reflect.


Dinner time came upon us before we even had time to check what hour of the evening it was. With rumbling tummies we mounted our bikes and headed homeward bound.

I was on dinner duty and the menu was; Sweet potato, carrot and coriander soup and grilled goats cheese salad. However, little did I know there was no blender so the soup is waiting to be gobbled up tomorrow. A bag of baby potatoes saved the day.

Fry the boiled baby potatoes in butter, grated garlic and chopped rosemary, sprinkle on a smidgen of sea salt and let them just melt in your mouth.

The goat’s cheese I bought from the boys at the Corleggy cheese stall was to die for. Every bit was devoured with gusto. I smeared some organic basil pesto on mine for an extra kick, divine!

Tomorrow will be another adventure!


3 thoughts on “Day out in Dubland

  1. Hey Carol-Anne!! Great Blog, I love Gruel too, although sometimes I feel as though I’m sat on my neighbour’s lap for dinner, I probably have to get with the whole ‘cosy’ thing more!! Love & Light to you in Doha 🙂

    • Hey Caoimhe, thanks so much for your response! It’s only at the beginning stages at the moment but stay tuned for lots more adventures!! 😀 Ha ha ‘Gruel’ does take a bit of getting used to, so tasty though!! Hope you’re all keeping well, kisses from Doha 🙂

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