The Little Rock

Mountbellew, the hometown of my father and the source of many of my childhood memories. Known as ‘Án Creagan’ in Irish which translates into The Little Rock. Although it derives it’s modern name from The Bellew Family.

My family used to spend our summer vacations down here. I have fond memories of running through the fields with my sisters and the neighbours kids. Getting stuck in a cow pat or being chased by sheep dogs. We always got up to mischief of some sort.

It was always a big adventure heading down to Mountbellew from the big city. When we arrived, my great aunty Mai always had a fresh batch of brown bread waiting to be gobbled up and my uncle PJ made sure he had a big feed ready for us after a day in the fields. The aromas would hit you as you were coming up the lane.

There was always people rambling in and out, saying hello and grabbing a cuppa tae.

When we arrived this summer, we found dad collecting apples from the tree. He filled two big boxes full of fresh apples. Apple pie anyone?

My uncle’s dog, aptly named ‘Tyson’, was there to greet us and isn’t he a cutie!!

The farmhouse is still there today and I went down for a visit with my folks. We were spoiled with good weather, you can’t beat the blue skies and sunshine.

Myself and PJ took a wander out the field to see the horses, Mystical Memories and her foal. They are such peaceful creatures. I could have stayed there with them all day.

Myself and mum took a stroll through the forest and stumbled upon a wonderland of lush vegetation.

The forest where we went for our afternoon stroll is known as ‘The Mountbellew Demesne’ was originally belonged to the Bellew family when they inherited back in the 1600’s. There used to be a flour mill, which was built circa 1775 on the grounds but it is now in ruins. Strolling through the forest you can get an idea of the way the original structure of the area used to be like. There are high stone walls surrounding the grounds which housed deer and they can still be spotted at times, grazing in the fields or enjoying the good weather!! There is also a museum there which used to be a forge. It’s a beautiful part of the country and I’m so glad that I have all of these amazing memories from time spent there.


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