EatMagazine – A New Foodie and Wine Mag



Thursday 20th January brings the launch of EatMagazine, a new free monthly food and wine magazine. To bring all things new and exciting on the Dublin foodie scene your way.

Mikey Maguire, the man behind the scenes is doing a trojan job bringing this new publication to the masses of Dublin.

20,000 copies of EatMagazine will be distributed throughout all Dublin areas as well as being available nationwide via the online version and the iPhone/iPad apps that launch in February. A very exciting and innovative venture.

This months issues reveals whats hot with the Irish foodie blogs. Featured are even some of my favourites; Like Mam Used to Bake, 9 Bean Row, Not Junk Food, Consumed Foodie and I Can Has Cook. Plenty of restaurant reviews to keep your tummy rumbling for more and if food and wine is your thing then get in touch with Mikey and see what you can contribute to the world of foodie delights.

I am proud to be able to help Mikey along his journey and wish him every success in the future. I for one think that is quite an inspirational and adventurous task to take on board.

Here is the issue

Happy Reading Folks!!

And Enjoy the weekend….


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