Temple Bar Food Market Move

Temple Bar Food Market (TBFM) is changing location!!!

This month Temple Bar is going to be a vision of mouth-watering colour as The Temple Bar Food Market moves from it’s Meeting House Square Home to three new locations around Temple Bar.

The new locations will be ‘Up-Town’ Old City, providing a fresh and colourful array of fruit and veggies. ‘Mid-Town’ East Essex Street dishing up some fresh hot bites  and ‘Down-Town’ Curved Street will offer up fresh meats and baked goods. This new move is going to create a mouth-watering trail of foodie goodies all through Temple Bar.

Some familiar faces will be making appearances at the TBFM, such as Denis Healy, who runs his own organic farm. Llewellyn’s Orchard Produce will be providing the freshest apples in the city and Noirin’s Bakehouse and The French Bread stall will have your mouths watering and taste buds tingling.

You can find a map that will lead you through Dublin’s Cultural Quarter to the new locations at www.templebar.ie. In total, 28 traders will be moving their stalls to the new locations until June.

Visit http://www.templebar.ie for a list of traders and more info.

Or….follow the food market on twitter:


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