I know it is the day after Valentines but I’m still feeling all lovey dovey. I spent Valentines minus a boy, who was off in foreign lands saving the world of engineering from implosion so I joined up with 5 lovely ladies on Valentines night and we celebrated Valentines with a beautiful slap up meal of lasagne with a side salad of straweberries and feta, downed with a couple of glasses of the vino and swiftly followed by a man shaped chocolate brownie….ooozing with chocolatey nutella goodness and lathered in white chocolate and hazelnuts….. Om nom nom



(Apologies for the bad picture quality, taken with my BlackBerry, the only camera device on hand….don’t judge me :p)


So, I hope wherever you are and whoever you were with that you had a beautiful Valentines Day!


I have had Foreigner, ‘I want to know what love is’ blaring on my ipod all week and we all know you can’t beat a loved up cheesy power ballad.


Happy Valentines from Carol-Anne’s Kitchen 🙂


One thought on “Valentines!

  1. Oooh feta and strawbs- sounds yum, I must try that out!
    An oddly shaped man but he looks scrumdiddlyumptious all the same 😀

    A belated Happy Valentine’s Day x

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