Bread and Butter Pudding



About 2 years ago, myself and my mum were out in Spain on holidays enjoying the good life, as you do. Walks on the beach cliffs, sipping on vino as the sun goes down, dining in the finest establishments and catching up with the locals….. just one thing was missing, Pops. He was back in Ireland earning the bread money and our holiday just so happened to fall on his birthday. So, as a way of celebrating it, the two of us put our heads together and decided to hold a little dinner party for a few friends in the neighbourhood.

After spending the day in the kitchen, everyone started to arrive and we served up a sumptuous banquet of delights. We wined and dined all evening. Ending the night with a feast of bread and butter pudding, which went down with gusto. The next thing, mum had the phone out and we were all on the phone to Pops sending him best wishes for his birthday. Whereas he was on the other end of the phone, drooling at the sounds of the dinner we had just indulged in, more so, envious at the thought of bread and butter pudding being devoured by us. A childhood favourite of his.

Ever since that party, he has never let me live it down. So, a year and half later, I presented him with a fine big bowl of the most delicious bread and butter pudding since his mammy used to make it. A well deserved bowl, the poor fella was deprived of it for so long :p

So, again flicking through my Great Aunt’s home ec book I found another recipe that I wanted.



I mixed and matched a little, this recipe doesn’t call for cinnamon but I feel that it is essential in a bread and butter pudding. Others suggest using nutmeg in the pudding, so whatever tickles your fancy! For the flavouring, I used vanilla essence. I would prefer to use a vanilla pod, but it wasn’t available to me at the time.

Some one said to me once that bread and butter pudding is one of the easiest things to put together as all of the ingredients are lying around the kitchen. It’s so true, in most kitchen you find all of these ingredients and as well it is so easy prepare and you can pop it in the oven and get comfy with a book for an hour.

Here’s the ingredients and recipe I used:

9 slices of white bread, remove the crusts. Bread that is a day or two old is better to use if you have it available.

500ml fresh milk

2 eggs

60 g sugar

1 tblspn granulated sugar

Handful of raisins

Vanilla Essence




Grease a baking dish.

Remove the crusts from the bread and butter each slice on one side.

Cut into triangles.



Line the baking dish with one layer of bread, buttered side down.

Sprinkle over some cinnamon and raisins.

Repeat with another layer of bread, again, buttered side down with a sprinkling of cinnamon and raisins, repeat with one more layer.

For the final layer, place the bread buttered side up. Cover in some cinnamon and a few raisins.



In a mixing bowl whisk the milk, eggs, sugar and vanilla essence until well combined.

Pour this custard mixture over the bread.

Leave the pudding to the side to soak for 30 minutes before baking.



Pop into a preheated oven at 180 degrees for nearly an hour or until it has risen and appears set.



Serve immediately with some cream or custard. I like it just on it’s own with a nice cuppa.



Perfect for afternoon tea or when the neighbours call in for a good chin wag.


5 thoughts on “Bread and Butter Pudding

  1. Ah Carol Anne i remember that well as i was one of the guests at the dinner party and what a feast …the bread and butter pud as well was yummmmm……

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