Kate’s Kitchen, Sligo

In the heart of Sligo town, you can walk through the doors of Kate’s Kitchen and step inside a treasure trove of culinary delights. From local, fresh produce to international fare. Something for everyone and for every occasion.


I grew up beside the O’Hara family in Sligo and it was obvious from the very beginning that they were major foodie enthusiasts. One of my first memories of those wobbly like gelatine sheets was watching their mum make her famous cheesecakes. The girls were always adventurous in the kitchen and creating some weird and wonderful inventions. So, in 2008 when the girls took over Kate’s Kitchen, it was in no way a surprise. I could not think of any one better to carry on the legacy and maintain the reputation which Kate’s Kitchen has with Sligo natives and all who have passed through their doors.

Whenever I am in town, I always make sure I pop into the girls to say hi and pick up some goodies to take home for some kitchen creations. I love the wide variety of products they have to offer and if I am ever stuck for something, it’s always there on the shelves in Kate’s. As I am not always around Sligo to avail of their goodies, I get cravings for their yummy bites so a visit is a must!

In Kate’s Kitchen, you will find the fridges are stocked with fresh cheeses, dips and cold cut meats and the shelves are brimming with preserves, dressings and condiments. Organic products fill the shelves and wine for all occasions is available for purchase.





Not only do they sell fabulous gourmet products, but they serve up some of the tastiest treats in town. It’s so nice to drop by and pick up a steaming cup of hot chocolate and one of their yummy banana flapjacks or a green tea and a nice homemade brownie. Always served with a chat!







At lunchtime, you can see their home-made salads, sandwiches and wraps being whipped off the shelves and their scrumptious soups being lapped up. Fresh and tasty!

They have a special cove at the front of the shop where they stock all of their toiletries. You can indulge yourself in some local Voya products or treat yourself to some Crabtree & Evelyn goodies.


The last time I was in the shop, I picked up some bits to put together a recipe that was inspired by the girls from Kate’s Kitchen. It is a Banana, Agave Nectar and Linseed Flapjack. All ingredients come from the shop. Perfect washed down with a glass of fresh milk. I hope you enjoy.



Los ingredientes:

350g butter

2 heaped tablespoons agave nectar

75g plain flour

400g oats

1 tablespoon linseed

1 banana, mashed up

1 handful dark chocolate chips

175g Light brown sugar

1tspn vanilla essence

I have used agave nectar in this recipe which is a bit runnier than golden syrup(which is normally usually used in flapjacks) so I have added in more oats and I even feel that more than 400g could have been used. You should know by the consistency, a smooth mixture and make sure all of the oats are covered. The agave nectar is also much sweeter then golden syrup, however, the bitterness of the dark chocolate chips balances it out. They are a sweet treat so have that glass of milk at the ready!


So, here goes……

Melt the butter, agave nectar and sugar in a saucepan, stirring all the time.

When it becomes nice and creamy, add in the vanilla essence.

Take it off the heat for a minute.

Add in the oats, linseed, banana and chocolate chips.

Grease a baking tray and pour in the mixture.

Place in the centre of the oven at 180 degrees celcius for 30 minutes.

When you take the flapjacks out of the oven, cut them immediately and place on a wire rack to cool.

The flapjacks will be all yummy and  crumbly and chewy.

Serve up and wash down with a refreshing glass of cold milk.

Perfect on a lazy Saturday afternoon.




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