The Lunchbox

The lovely Shane O’ Leary from approached me a couple of weeks ago with a new idea for ‘The Lunchbox‘, the popular blog feature on The idea of  ‘Be Our Guest’ is to profile food bloggers, celebs and users about their favourite lunch spots and foodie habits.

I immediately thought this was a great idea and wanted to be involved straight away. However, with blogging and my hectic social life :p it took me a little longer than I (and he) had expected to sit down and write a few words about myself. I didn’t realise how hard that would be!

Well, I finally got myself together and put finger to keyboard and here it is. I really enjoyed working with Shane and think that it is a great idea. The Irish Foodie scene is becoming so popular these days and it’s great to see so many initiatives popping up.

I hope you enjoy the read and I look forward to hearing from you.


2 thoughts on “The Lunchbox

  1. Thanks CA! Great to have you on!
    If there are any other foodies out there who would like to talk to “Be Our Guest” I’d be more than have a talk to you, although you’ve big shoes to fill in Carol Anne’s!

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