Make Your Own…. Food of The Gods

With the impending Irish Foodies Chocolate Cookalong which, surprise surprise I am very excited about, I thought what better time to whip out my ‘Make Your Own Indigo Raw Chocolate Kit’ . I ordered it online a while ago after a fellow blogger posted a link about it on ‘The Twitter’. I was very intrigued at the idea of making my own chocolate, so I just had to have it.



I never thought it could be so simple and after making it and tasting it (:p) I think I’ll stick with the home made version. It seems to be about 70% cocoa and I’m really looking forward to using it in some never been tried before chocolate recipes at the Cookalong.

I have never gotten into raw foods but I have heard of the amazing benefits from fellow yogis. More energy, better eye sight, increased flexibility and sharper memory are but a few of the advantages attached to switching over to a raw food diet. I am keen on the idea now and after experimenting with the raw chocolate it is definitely something I may consider. As an experiment, of course.

Instructions and some info came with the kit so I stuck to it, next time I may stray a little!

Here is what I got up to with the Make Your Own Raw Chocolate Kit…..

What I used:

250 g Raw Cacao Butter

250g Raw Cacao Powder

250 ml Raw Organic Agave Syrup

7 g Raw Vanilla Powder


Heat a sauce pan of water to 45 degrees celcius.

Remove from the heat

Place a heat proof bowl in the water, creating a bain marie.

Place in the Raw Cacao Butter.


Melt until all solids disappear.

Add in the Raw Vanilla Powder and stir to make sure all of the powder has dissolved.


Add in the Raw Cacao Powder and stir until creamy. The experts suggest 100 stirs, just to be sure!


Now, tip in the Raw Agave Syrup and stir.


Watch with delight as your mixture turns into a beautifully thick, creamy and devilishly delicious chocolate concoction.


Tip into moulds. Rubber moulds are recommended for ease of popping once the chocolate has solidified.

Pop into the fridge for a few hours and share!


I fell in love with the aromas that filled the kitchen and the rest of the house. The result was a wonderfully creamy bitter sweet chocolate.You drift away in to chocolate heaven in one nibble.

I would definitely recommend trying this out!

I am going to use the raw chocolate I made here to make Chili con Cacao and Wasabi infused Chocolate Brownies for today’s Irish Foodies Chocolate Cookalong

Happy Weekend Everyone!!!


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