A Postcard from Perth

Taking a wander around my new home Perth last Saturday, we ventured into King’s Park on a beautiful crisp and fresh afternoon. A massive 400 – hectare park teeming with wildlife and vegetation to make anyone weak at the knees. It’s a stunning getaway from the well heeled city close by.

Before arriving at King’s Park, we took a very apprehensive look at Jacob’s Ladder. A 43 metre descent of just under 300 steps. It’s not for the faint hearted and you can see people of all ages powering up and down it, setting you up with a serious mental challenge.

Maybe next weekend…..

We headed on into King’s Park and discovered a wonderland of bushland. Plants from all over Australia and an amazing history to accompany all of it.

This big ole tree stands at the entrance to King’s Park just at the top of the scarily steep Mount St.

I love the way the sun was just caressing anything it touched upon….

This memorial in the Botanic Garden is dedicated to the Pioneer women of Western Australia. The woman and child are stepping forward to meet their destiny as the gushing fountains represent their journey through the bushland…..

And check out the amazing funghi we came across. So cute……

Happy nibbler……


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