My usual Sunday since moving to Perth consists of heading down towards Apple Cross to watch the Irish boys don their shorts and head out for a day of football. Not just to perve mind, but to support, as my boy plays with a local team here and is quite passionate about it.

However, this Sunday found me not wanting to head out in the chilly morning so I stayed put and got to working on processing some pics and thinking of what to make for lunch, something that would satisfy a hungry boy after running after a ball all morning. So, I decided to throw together a yummy Bruschetta.

We picked up a lovely loaf of Sourdough Olive Bread yesterday morning from Loafer’s at the Subiaco Farmer’s Market and I thought it would be perfect to pair with some tomatoes and onions. I got to work on my Bruschetta, it’s not something that requires a huge amount of effort but tastes amazing! Which is what I was after.

When I was living in Italy I used to pick up some Bruschetta from Maurizio, the pizza man on my street, he would often have some freshly assembled with a variety of toppings for you to choose from, perfect for a rumbling tummy at lunch time.  We used to  head out for Apertivi most evenings and there would always be some of the yummiest freshly baked breads used to make Bruschetta in the lovely cafés dotted all over town. I’m drooling just thinking about it now!

Anyways, here is some neat little info that I do know on Bruschetta….

The term originates from the Roman Dialect and comes from the verb Bruscare, which means ‘to roast over coals’. Which I can imagine was how they used to give the bread that lovely crisped smokey flavour before serving.

Bruschetta is bread that is roasted and lightly rubbed with garlic and drizzled in Olive Oil.  It can then be topped with your favourite savoury treats. Tomatoes, basil and onion, prosciutto, sweet peppers or some pesto.

A lot of people mistake the topping as being the Bruschetta but it is in fact the bread. Try to avoid ciabatta or those holey breads, something thick and dense is perfect. I used sourdough.

Here is my Bruschetta, made with some fresh tomatoes and onions that I picked up at the Subi Farmer’s Market as well. That place is treasure chest of yummies!

For 4 people

8 thick slices of sourdough or dense bread

1 punnet of fresh pomodorini

1 large red onion

Handful of Basil leaves, shredded, if not you can use 1 large tbspn of Basil Paste

Glug of Olive Oil

Balsamic Vinegar

Salt & Pepper

2 large Garlic cloves

Heat a frying pan with some Olive Oil.

Place the slices of bread  in the hot pan and brown on either side or roast over hot coals if you happen to have them handy.. The bread I used had olives going through it so it had an extra juicy bite.

While the bread is toasting, you can finely chop up the tomatoes and onions. Drain some of the excess juices and seeds from the tomatoes in a strainer. Shake shake shake those seeds out.

Add in a finely grated clove of garlic, your basil leaves/paste and drizzle with some olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

Season with salt and pepper to taste.

When the bread is toasted, drizzle with some Olive Oil

Rub each side of the bread with a clove of garlic to impart a delicate but noticeable hint or if you really want that extra garlic hit, rub in some finely grated garlic.

Garlic. Garlic. Garlic. The more the better, for me.

Serve with your choice of topping.

Buon Appetito 🙂


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