Spring has sprung!!

The sun is shining gloriously and the birds are tweeting in their nests. The hot pants are out and the vibe around town is amazing. People are soaking up the rays and the beer πŸ˜‰

A trip to King’s Park and a punnet of strawberries are the makings of a great Spring. In my eyes. That is all you need. If life could be so simple. Strawberries and picnics, it would be a great place. In fact, I think it is. Walking around the streets of Perth and people-watching as the sun beams down on the beautiful peopleΒ  I began to realise, I like this place. I have been here 2 months so far and this weekend, strolling around the city in the sun I caught myself grinning. Fitting in is an awesome thing but feeling at home in a city that is not your home is pretty darn good in my books.

Enjoy Spring.

Eat strawberries.

Go to the Farmer’s Market.


Hold hands.




Tweet with the birds.

c.a. xx


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