Honeycomb ice-cream

This is the traditional ice-cream recipe that I have used before. It’s a simple base that can be altered to adapt to any flavours that you like.

Seeing as the honeycomb I made was too sweet for me to nibble on, I thought it would be perfect to make our very own homemade honeycomb ice-cream. The ice cream softens the impact of the sweetness of the honeycomb. Honeycomb ice-cream is a big favourite of mine, I remember making honeycomb ice-cream when I was in 6th class and it was Culture Day. I whipped up a pot of honeycomb ice cream and pizza and mi amica made some classic spaghetti bolognese. I still remember the teachers ooh-ing and aah-ing at the ice cream. Super chuffed I was 😀

I have to say though, this jar of ice cream was not made by me. Just supervised. The boy loves to don his imaginary chefs hat every once in a while and whir through the kitchen, spatula in hand. I just told him what he needed and away he went.

This is one of the nicest ice-creams I have had in a long time. Not being biased ;). I have never used double cream to make ice-cream, although it is recommended, I usually use single as it is not as rich. This time though, the big guns were pulled out and in went the thick and creamy double cream. I have to say though, I won’t be using single cream again. This luxuriously smooth and silky ice-cream just melts in your mouth and that extra crunch from the honeycomb makes you want just one more spoonful and then another and another….

Here is what you will need

100g castor sugar

1 egg

1 egg yolk

1 vanilla pod

300 ml double cream

handful of bite sized honey comb pieces.


Over a pot of simmering water, place a heat proof bowl.

Add in the eggs and sugar and whisk for 6-7 minutes until pale and fluffy.

Slice the vanilla pod in half and remove the seeds with a sharp knife.

In a separate bowl, whisk the double cream until soft peaks form.

Add the whipped cream to the egg mixture and fold through.

Break in the honeycomb pieces.

Pour into a 1 litre container and place in the freezer.

I usually leave the ice cream over-night. If you can’t wait that long, 6 hours minimum should be enough.

Eat out of the jar or share with friends….however you prefer!


c.a. xx


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