hazy dayzie

What a day to wake up to! An unbelievable, glorious sunny day in WA today..we headed off to the Farmer’s Market down in Subi to collect some goodies to fill the pantry. Aside from getting a little side tracked with macaroons and cinammon twigs and gorgeous coffee, we did get our bags full of veggies, fruit, milk & cheese, sourdough, pecans, eggs and herbs & salad leaves. The thing I love about the markets, is that the farmer, baker, grower and lover of their very own produce is the one who puts it straight into your hand.

These images are a mix of what myself and the boy did when we were playing with a new Canon 50 mm f/1.8 lens I picked up yesterday.Ā  We’re just starting out although, I did love the outcome of the images we captured today.


Adorable and exquisite macaroons from Alexander’s Macaroons. Especially the praline macaroons, to die for….

A traffic light of capsicum

Every week, I stock up on this amazing, creamy milk from the girls at Over The Moon Organics. They make the creamiest milk, cheeses and yoghurts I have ever tried. The milk comes with a gorgeous layer of cream on top, so you know it’s good.. The triple cream brie is amazing on Loafer’s sourdough, toasted with some basil and tomato and the feta sprinkled through a salad full of greens from Fiolo’s. Make sure you stop by the girls to pick up some goodies

After the markets we headed down to Freo to soak up some sun and enjoy the rest of the lazy Saturday afternoon.

We found this gorgeous bead shop, I know a certain someone at home would love.

This guy was on stilts and swallowing a stick. I thought he was going to eat the fire. Hard to impress much!

What did you do with your afternoon??




3 thoughts on “hazy dayzie

  1. Nice work with the new lens Carol Anne, the 50mm f1.8 was my first decent lens on my camera few years back and I can attest for it’s quality.

    Looking forward to seeing lots more great shots from you šŸ™‚

    I can only help but feel that farmers market experience would have been so much more rewarding if it had involved some empanadas however šŸ˜‰

  2. You’re right, we are sorely missing the empanada feast at our market visits…finding it so hard to get out of bed early enough to hit both Mondo and Subi. One day….

    I have completely fallen for the 50mm f1.8. It has been recommended by so many people and is throwing out some really gorgeous images.

  3. Fab photos! I recently purchased the same lens too after it was mentioned at the Bord Bia event & although I’m still very much an amateur, I’m fairly pleased with the results so far!

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