Five Bar Around The World Beer Masterclass

As part of the lead up to the Beaufort Street Festival, Five Bar is taking part in a series of Beer Masterclasses to provide the local beer enthusiasts with some interesting tales and tastes on a variety of beers from all ‘Around The World’. The first of the Masterclasses was held on Wednesday October 12th. Anthony Williams of BEERtasters lead the group through a sumptuous feast of wheat, hops and barley.

Our first port of call was Belgium where this wheat beer originated

Blanche du Namur was served with a crispy fried scallop and chive croquette with hollandaise sauce. A refreshing insight into the central European palette.

This was followed by it’s German neighbour and Weihenstephaner hit the spotlight served up with some Classic Bratwurst, saurkraut and wholegrain mustard. I wanted to ask for more ….

And then came the French ambassador. This was a replacement for Trois Monts Golden Ale. Oh my did it get a lot of ooh’s and aaah’s. You could smell the aromas of the fruity hops as it’s cork popped. The bang of bubbles that hits your mouth as you take the first gulp and then coats your tongue. With it’s high carbonation and frothy head, we polished it off with some slow braised buttered leeks on toast. It was a match made in heaven. C’est Fantastique, non?

Straight away, we thought what could possibly follow the Saison du Pont. It was incredible. It tasted as though I was kicking back in the fields of Tourpes with a picnic and a bottle of Sasion du Pont.

And so on to the Little Creatures from Freo who treated us to Rogers’. Named after the two Rogers who created this ‘silky session ale’; Roger Bailey and Roger Bussell. It is the perfect Aussie summer drink to kick back and enjoy the hazyie days of sunshine with fruity hops and a tint of caramel. Rogers’ was paired with Margaret River Spiced Venison Chorizo w/ kiwi salsa. A little too spicy for my liking but I’m a wuss when it comes to spice.

I can see a Rogers’ filled Summer coming up 😉 We’re already planning a visit to The Little Creatures Brewery. Watch this space!

And on to the Americas, delivering a delicious pale ale. Served with Cajun Spiced Prawns. The Sierra Nevada, being the beauty that it is, cuts through the spice and leaves you savouring the high notes of malt and flowery hops with a tingle at the tip of your tongue…

Getting closer to the end and that can only mean a cheeseboard is ahoy. What to serve with a cheeseboard, why Fuller’s ESB. A traditional combination of English cheddar and the robust notes of citrus fruits with a hit of malt.

To polish off the evening, and my favourite, we were presented with a bottle ofInis and Gunn Rum Cask. Oak aged in a rum cask. The name says it all and the drink that I just did not want to end. It blew me away. Swrirling the rich brown elixir through my glass and watching the creamy head form on top and gulped down in a silky smooth mouthful. Paired with a creme bruleé and shortbread, it was exquisite and full bodied and the perfect duo to end the night with.

Check out the next Beer Masterclass Wednesday, 26 October 2011- “Beer and Cheese”
with cheese guru Nick Bath, founder of Blue Cow Cheese Company


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