The Swap Sessions

On December 28th 2011, The Swap Sessions were held in Shells Cafe,Strandhill, Co. Sligo. The idea behind The Swap Sessions came about over an impromptu dinner party and brainstorming session where a fundraising event was on the agenda and so it began. Little did anyone know how popular it would become.

Bronagh Crowley organised the event to raise funds for an association very close to her heart, Irish Motor Neuron Disease Assocation.

The word was sent out to all fashionistas for old gems and treasures for swapping on this special night. The event was scheduled to kick off at 8pm but before the girls could get properly set up the door swung open and in burst the eager beavers with bags upon bags of all sorts of clothes. Every different kind of style imaginable was donated on the night and in exchange tokens were given out, Swap Sessions dollars. One could pick up some very fancy pieces and you could hear people shouting over the buzz of cupcake munching and champagne sipping ‘oh, that was mine, it’ll look great on you’ I managed to snag a few pretty dresses and cardi’s for a pretty good deal.

As well as bartering clothes, there was a raffle and donation boxes going around on the night. The raffle prizes were stunning, with dresses from Miriam O’ Callaghan, Pixie Lott, Laura Whitmore and many more famous people, it was great to see that so many people got on board to support Bronagh and her sisters and the IMNDA.

If you come across The Swap Sessions in the future, be sure to stop by, swap some of your old treasures for new ones and donate to a very worthy cause 🙂

Also, check out this amazing video by Berlin based street fashion blog Street Pashion

C.a xx


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