Buckwheat and Cocoa Pancakes

Recently, I have made a change in my eating habits. The introduction of wheat free/gluten free grains has been a welcome change to my diet. I embraced the use of Spelt (as a low gluten grain) in my bread making, I loved using ground almonds in baking sweet goods and now that I have discovered the versatile Buckwheat, I decided to put it to the test and with Pancake Tuesday coming up, there was no better test. Buckwheat, despite it’s name has no relation to wheat and is in fact related to sorrels, rhubarb and knotweeds.

This is a very basic recipe. When I was researching buckwheat, I was a bit shocked to discover that all you needed to do was add water to the flour, leave it to rest and then add to an oiled non stick pan. Et voila! There was no need for milk or eggs. I do love traditional pancakes, as you can see from last year’s post but I do like change and experimentation.

When I was thinking of a recipe that I would enjoy for Pancake Tuesday, I had initially thought that making Green Tea Pancakes would be appealing. I invested in a little pot of Matcha Tea ($11/40g Yowza!!). I made up the batter, of a very unappealing green colour and cooked them. They were tasty. I did enjoy them but could in no way make them look ‘sexy’ if you will. So, I opted for the cocoa pancakes and they were gorgeous. The maple syrup worked so well with the buckwheat pancakes. I was thrilled.

The recipe goes as follow:

1/2 cup Buckwheat Flour

3/4 tblspn Dutch Cocoa

1 cup water

Olive oil spray


Drizzle of Maple Syrup

Sprinkling of chopped pecans


Mix the flour and cocoa together.

Gradually add the water into the flour and mix to form a paste at first.

Stirring with a whisk to remove lumps and bumps.

Leave to sit for about 20 minutes.

Heat a pan with olive oil spray and ladle in the batter. Don’t over do it with the batter, it may break if it is too thick.

Swirl the mixture around to cover the base of the pan.

Once the underside is cooked, flip and allow the top to cook.

Service with maple syrup and a sprinkling of pecans.

I hope you enjoy your pancakes tomorrow 🙂 I know I will!!!

c.a. xx

Just a note to say that I will be adding this as my submission to the Sweet Adventures Blog Hop, ‘Love at First Bite’. The Sweet Adventures Blog Hop is hosted by Nic from Dining With A Stud


9 thoughts on “Buckwheat and Cocoa Pancakes

  1. They look so good, never even dreamt about using cocoa in pancakes before! Am starving, can’t wait till its time for us to have ours!!!

  2. Hi Carolanne, these look delicious. Such a great simple recipe. I haven’t tried buckwheat before but you have inspired me, I am adding it to my list for my next shop. K

  3. I tried buckwheat pancakes that one of my friends made – I had no idea all it took was water – this is great! I’m not a huge fan of the flavor of buckwheat, but can appreciate its health benefits. I never thought to add cocoa powder to a pancake recipe, so I may just try this using almond or coconut flour. Thanks for the great tips and ideas! The pancakes look great!

  4. Hello there Carolanne… I, too, did a grain free diet for 12 months or more many years ago and was amazed at the difference it made to my health. Buckwheat pikelets were at the top of menu…. love your recipe, thank you for sharing!

  5. Hi Carolanne, that pic is gorgeous, you’d entice anyone to give buckwheat a go with it. I like buckwheat myself but often mix it with other flours as find it a bit strong flavoured. Must try it with the cocao powder sometime too. Am sharing this today on Facebook. I’m making a plain pancake myself and having chocolate sauce as a topping, that way I can keep adding and adding, better stop!

  6. These look great, Carole-Anne!
    I have a bit of an issue with gluten myself and go through stages of eating mostly gluten free. There’s a great company in Melbourne who make all kinds of gf food and they do a buckwheat pancake mix that I used to make quite often. The cooked pancakes even make a great and quick gf pizza base.

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