The place which I call home is a majestic, rugged land of wild haired beauties, fireside chats and welcome faces. This place is Sligo. Sligo sits snugly into the North West of Ireland.  A coastal town home to magnificent waves and a hive of activity when it comes to artisanal food producers. I love telling people about this magical land.

I have been living away from home for nearly three years now and the further I move and the longer I stay away the more I long to be back having fireside chats with my folks, embracing the wild winds of Strandhill. What I do love hearing though is of the magnificent happenings in Sligo these days. People are harnessing their skills and working together to show Sligo off to it’s full potential. Some of these are the likes of Jane and Myles Chambers in Shell’s Cafe who frequently show off fresh local produce paired with style and a bounty of taste.. Shells is of the first places I go to when I get a chance to go home.

Others like Peter Clyne are joining the local surf talent and showing the world what is sitting on the shores of our beaches. Peter caught the action during last winter 2011 and teamed it up with ‘It’s Ok to be Normal’ from The Gorgeous Colours (they are actually pretty gorgeous too). I hope you enjoy is as much as I did. I may have had a little tear watching the stunning images and how amazing Peter portrayed the true beauty of the surf, Sligo and the good times.


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