Clandestine Cake Club


On Saturday the very first Clandestine Cake Club in Australia was held. It was a small gathering of some very enthusiastic cake lovers. There was a collection of all different types of cake and much ooh-ing and aah-ing at the different designs, flavours and textures. No one cake looked or tasted the same. We all got to sample some cake and take it home to gobble for later. Bonus!

Orange Layer Cake with Persimmons Cream Cheese and Whiskey Chocolate Ganache

Red Wine and Chocolate Cake with Dark Chocolate Ganache, Pears and Fig Jam Glaze

Caramel Apple and Pear Polenta Cake

Caramel Apple Cheesecake

We each got to do a little presentation on our cakey goodness and give a run down of what we did and where the ideas came from….

Liv telling us all about her Caramel Apple Cheesecake

Trying to do my best to explain the idea behind the Orange/Persimmons/Whiskey Cake.


Cake makes Bri a little giddy 😉


Jacqui going through the inspiration for her delicious Chocolate and Red Wine Cake!

After outdoing ourselves with the cake scoffing, we chilled out and chatted about puppies, cake disasters and then Paul from Urban Locavore arrived with a box of goodies for Jacqui.

Paul had some cake and told us all about the ideas behind Urban Locavore, where it stemmed from and what the plans for the future are. Perth is so lucky to have someone like Paul and the Urban Locavore guys rooting for local producers and encouraging people to reduce food miles by buying local.



Stay tuned for the next Clandestine Cake Club to be announced. We’re pretty excited about the ideas for the next one!


9 thoughts on “Clandestine Cake Club

  1. Gosh there are some really sophisticated offerings on that table! HI JACQUI!!!! And you too Carol-Anne, looks like a lovely time was had! A few lassies on the online food community I am on, have been participating in CCC and it looks like so much fun. Such a great concept, championing home baking. 🙂

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