Clandestine Cake Club Take 3

The third meeting of the Clandestine Cake Clubbers was a big one. We had 16 mouth-watering, fluffy cakes jam packed full of flavour and as an added bonus (for me) they were all gluten free. It was amazing the variety that we had. From almond/hazelnut meal to green bean flour, coconut flour and polenta. I was blown away, as I’m sure was everyone who was there.

As we all went around and said a little bit about our cakes, it was really interesting to hear where people had gained inspiration from; friends, lifestyles, heritage, family. I think that daunting feeling of baking with gluten free flours has definitely been laid to rest amongst us cake lovers.

The cake I chose to bake was by one of my favourite food nuts, Susan Jane Murray. Her website is chock full of amazing information about food intolerances with information on what they are and how to cater for your needs. As I no longer eat gluten for health reasons and I have said so long to sugar, I am revelling in the variety out there. Susan Jane has loaded her website with beautiful recipes from Nearly Virtuous Brownies, which are to.die.for. and a soul-warming Dahl for the heart. Knowing you are packing a punch of nutrients when you make her dishes instantly makes me feel better. This cake is based on her muffin recipe for her Blueberry Muffins, which are made with coconut flour, agave nectar and coconut oil. Coconut flour sparked some interest at Cake Club as many people had not heard of it before. Coconut flour is made from finely ground coconut meat, jammers full of fibre (38.5g/100g). I love using it and it makes it’s way into about 80% of my baking, I just love coconuts! As it is so high in dietary fibre it is also good for those who are reducing their carbohydrate intake. The one thing you must do when using Coconut Flour is follow the recipe, I found this out the hard way. Due to the high quantity of dietary fibre, coconut flour has 4 times the absorbency as wheat flour, so if using Coconut Flour in place of wheat flours, use only a quarter of the measurements.

So, back to the Cake Club

All the chatter that was going on was so exciting. People were giggling over cakes and sharing recipes, food bloggers and local business owners who attended were were revelling in the occasion. Whilst Yvonne from Red Hot Spatula was dishing out the most delicious hot cups of Chai to guests, Paul from Urban Locavore arrived with some vino. Needless to say we were rosy cheeked and cheery by the time it was all over.

Thanks to the lovely Liv for being our host this month.

If you are interested in joining us for Cake Club in Perth, be sure to email us at secretcakeclubperth at gmail dot com and we will send you on the details of the next meet up.


8 thoughts on “Clandestine Cake Club Take 3

  1. I was a bit nervous when I first rocked up as I don’t consider myself an expert baker but everyone in the group was so lovely and we all mingled merrily high on gluten free sugary delights!. Thanks again to Col Panna for being such a wonderful host, and to all for the glorious compilation of deliciousness!

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