Lemon and Coconut Macaroons

Good ole fashioned Macaroons. Chomping down on these when I was a two foot tall rapscallion was a regular thing. Plucked off the wire rack with my pudgy little hands was the best time to catch them before the masses discovered there was a new batch on offer. Being the youngest and having the biggest appetite in our place always had me in the prime location for goodies at all times. You would find me hanging about the kitchen door, peeking through the gap, making sure I arrived at the right time. I was always hounding mum for more goodies. She must have thought she was feeding an army with me around. I still retain my outrageously healthy appetite thanks to a wholesome upbringing on hearty meals around the kitchen table.

I had a hankering for baked coconutty goodness yesterday after a colleague requested I bake her something with coconut. She has been asking me for so long and I have no idea why I haven’t done it yet. She loves  Macaroons so I’m thinking of maybe making some muffins or a macaroon slice. We shall see what Sunday’s baking adventures bring!

These are also completely gluten, dairy and refined sugar free. Saying this makes me feel like they are healthier but be warned, they are sweet but moreish! They only take about 15 minutes to make and bake so put the kettle on and get a batch in the oven.

80g almond meal

70g dessicated coconut

1/4 cup agave nectar

1 egg white

zest of one lemon

Preheat oven to 180°C

Line a cookie tray with baking paper and grease

In a mixing bowl, combine all the ingredients together.

Spoon the mixture onto the tray into cookie sized pieces

Bake in the oven for 10-12 minutes.

Be careful of the ‘hot spot’ in your oven, it charred one of my Macaroons, but he was still a tasty little morsel!

What are you baking this weekend?


6 thoughts on “Lemon and Coconut Macaroons

  1. This recipe comes in sooo handy!!! I made coconut macaroons yesterday but they turned out poop….it seems like the key is to mix almond meal and coconut meal…..I’ll give it another shot 🙂

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