Carolanne’s Kitchen Turns Two (Hurrah) + A Giveaway!!!!

Party poppers and birthday banners ahoy, today we are celebrating a great day for my little blog. Carolanne’s Kitchen turns TWO!

There will be cake, tea, sambos and friends to help us celebrate 🙂

This day two years ago I took up blogging for the second time and boy has it been a whirl wind of adventure. I have to thank a certain someone for encouraging me to take up blogging in the first place, my sister Denise (high five Dotty). My first blog was a bit of an experiment and something to do when I should really have been studying my finals in University (ssshh!). For some reason after just one year I just gave it up, I lost my love of writing somewhere and took a break. When I started dating my boyfriend, he told me he had found my old blog (morto!) I was so embarrassed, images of my bad photography and amateur blog were flashing before my eyes, how could I wave this off as some college project? I couldn’t. He started asking me why I didn’t keep it up and began to encourage me to start afresh. And so I did. I toyed with blog names, how I would approach a new blog, where I wanted to take it and so Carolanne’s Kitchen was born and hurrah for that. I have loved taking this blog all over the world.

I love blogging and I love being part of the ever growing international community of bloggers out there. I have met some amazing people all over the world who have touched my heart and fueled my passion for blogging. It all began in Ireland where the Irish blogging community is alive and kicking. They are full of banter and great recipes, of which I have tried many. No matter how far from home I go, they are always there keeping me updated on what is going on at home and are always so supportive.

Living in Qatar there wasn’t too many food bloggers around but there was certainly a hive of local bloggers around. We would meet up every month and talk writing, photography, publishing. All those exciting avenues for bloggers.

Then I moved to Perth, as soon as I discovered I was moving I began searching for food bloggers in Perth. The list of bloggers started off small and as I began to find one blog, I would stumble upon another and another and another. It was amazing, they welcomed me with open arms and lots of yummy grub. Thanks guys!

So as you can see this blog began in Ireland, moved to Qatar and now resides in Perth. Lucky, yes I am 😀

And to you, my loyal and always amazing readers. You, who have been reading my ramblings, making my recipes, taking the time to visit my kitchen to see what I have done. Thank you, you have made it the blog it is today. I get so excited when I get emails from readers, I love how blogging brings us together and unites the fiery flame in all our bellies! So, I have a little gift to give to two of you lucky readers (in Ireland and Australia). The wonderful Jane and Myles Lamberth of Shell’s Cafe in Strandhill, Co. Sligo (IRELAND) have been so generous to sponsor two of their beautiful cookbooks to my readers. The Surf Cafe Cookbook is a cookbook written and created by this amazing couple who have transformed the way people think food in my home town of Sligo. They have revolutionised eggs and soldiers, they make your body crave dainty lemon squares, they bring a whole new meaning to comfort food and they serve it all with a smile and a chat. Bliss!

This competition is now closed.

To be in with a chance to get your mits on a copy of this heart warming cookbook is simple. Leave a comment in the comments section telling me what inspires you in the kitchen. To make sure that the winners will be picked fair and square I will put both Irish entrants and Australian entrants into two random draws. The giveaway will be open until August 26th 2012 5pm GMT. Jane will send a copy to the lucky winners.

Please note that this giveaway is only open to Irish and Australian residents. Stay tuned for future International giveaways!

Once again, thank you all so much for the support and love you guys have shown, I’m off to have some cake 😀

C.a. xx


31 thoughts on “Carolanne’s Kitchen Turns Two (Hurrah) + A Giveaway!!!!

  1. Lass! Two years! That is so brilliant. I am only just coming up for my first blogiversary next month! I was looking at some of my first reviews and gee they are pretty bad! I have also been overwhelmed at what a wonderful sense of commuinity exists with bloggers both locally and around the world.
    As for what inspires me in the kitchen? I have to be honest….reading other peoples photograph laden blogs!!! Nothing beats a stunning food photo!

  2. Well done!!! Your blogging story sounds exciting 🙂
    In the kitchen I am inspired by Matserchef Australia…..I have to admit it…..I am a little obsessed with this show. And the contestants give me so many fabulous ideas for dishes!!

  3. Happy blogiversary! It’s a wonderful blog well done. The book is wonderful too, I won’t enter the draw because I bought a book at the launch night and then I won a book 🙂

  4. well done on two years of blogging. Nothing inspires me more in the kitchen than a non fussy recipe with a list of ingredients that can be sourced easily. Being a mummy means everything that can be simplified will be simplified to make life easier and maybe gain five minutes uninterrupted peace for myself. I love one pot meals that can be put in the oven, timer switched on so I can walk away and deal with the mayhem until it’s ready to be served. Looking forward to your future blogs

  5. Hi, well done on your 2nd anniversary.
    What inspires me in the kitchen is simple food that’s easily prepared and tastes great- usually recipes from the net – and mainly from bloggers such as yourself, where I know the food has been tested properly by real people
    and that it works.

  6. Hi there.
    Congratulations and happy birthday 🙂 i still stop by now and then for a long drool over Ur fab recipes and photographs. Hope all is goin well for u in Auz. Send my love to Tom. Mwahh xxxxxx

  7. Happy Blogversary, Carolanne! I remember when you were moving from Qatar to Oz, such a change, and now look at you, in with all the lovely Australian bloggers and foodies. Hope you have lots of cake to celebrate 🙂

  8. Congratulations! Two years wow! That’s about 20 months more than i managed! Lol!

    What inspires me int the kitchen is preparing healthy tasty food. I don’t tend to follow a recipe and love making meals out of nothing! That’s when i am at my best, according to my husband!

    Keep up the good work, love your blog

  9. Happy BlogBirthday!! How exciting?!
    I am inspired a lot by memories .. both my grandmothers were exceptional cooks and foodies before their time, my Mam is amazing in the kitchen and my Dad is very open to new foods (especially for an Irish man from rural Ireland!) so my childhood was a very tasty and happy one .. I spend time trying to recreate those flavours & memories but often now with my own twist from what I have learned trying various cuisines and travelling! Living here in Perth has opened a whole new world of ingredients especially fabulous fresh fruit and veggies and I genuinely feel inspired every time I go shopping!
    Aren’t we so lucky to get to experience this?
    Keep up the good work Miss Rushe!
    SJ x

  10. I was just out in Sligo last week and had a few meals at Shells, such a cute cafe and the food is fantastic – their BLT is the best I’ve ever had.

    I’m inspired in the kitchen by blogs, books and seasonal food – a good deal on cherries in the shops yesterday saw me running to my cookbooks to see what I could make with them.

    Happy blogiversary!

  11. G’Day from Brisbane! Happy Blogiversary, too! The cookbook looks fantastic. I’m inspired in the kitchen by different cultures. I like to try new foods and cooking techniques.

    homemakerhoney @gmail. com

  12. Congratulations!! As a new follower I’ve lots of catching up to do but love waking up to a tweet of a new blog…joys of different timezone;) Inspired by The Irish Times magazine for weekly motivation to try out new dishes…consistently excellent….the GBBO for pure indulgence… and of course the fantastic foodie family on twitter!

  13. Oh I would kill for the baked bean recipe from Shells. A year back in Oz and I’m inspired by the amazing range of fresh herbs. Rocking rosemary and thyme today and looking forward to the sun bringing heady Vietnamese mint.

  14. Hi there, I am an Australian living in Ireland…… not too far from Strandhill, Sligo where the wonderful Shells Cafe is. There is something very Aussie about that cafe so I love going there as a treat.
    Having been exposed to so many foods from different cultures from a young age ( my mum is an amazing cook from Thai to Japanese 4w3x Indian and of course my Greek/ Italian background influenced the food we ate too) I am very keen to make sure my children now try a wide range of foods too, so we do try and make child friendly currys or stir-frys, and they love helping make and eat sushi and pizza from scratch.
    I’d love the chance to win one of Jane’s cookbooks and try out her wonderful stews which are divine.

  15. Congrats! I love being inspired by whatever I’m presented with when I open the fridge or the cupboard. Having no plan can sometimes bring out some lovely plates of food – amazing what a degree of panic can do when guests are on the way unexpectedly!

  16. I’m so excited to have found your blog and you, an Irish foodie abroad. And on your anniversary too – hope you enjoy your celebrations. I can only imagine how much blood, sweat and tears you’ve put in over the past two years, so good on ya girl. I’m a complete novice in the blog world but so far it has been amazing. If nothing else, you can tap into a virtual or real community of fellow bloggers when away from home and that’s been wonderful. Best of luck with the next few years. Going to have a goo now and see what recipes I can make with ingredients in Cuba!!

  17. Oooh, lovely blog! And this book is on my ”To buy” list! (Which is quite long being a poor student!)
    Travelling inspires me when I get into the kitchen. I love to study and save up my pennies to get to countries whose cuisines inspire me. Seeing a simple ingredient like a fillet of fresh fish, say Trout or Sea Bass- then I pick a handful of random countries and I look at the traditional/popular ways of serving this ingredient and I get so inspired by all the variations! Travel is very important in the world of Food, but if you cant get to the countries you wish, buy a cookbook from that country and travel with your mind, and in your own kitchen!

  18. Contragulations on your 2nd blogiversary! What inspires me in the kitchen is cooking simple but delicious food with wholesome fresh, local ingredients. I love to cook “from scratch” and see how the results far exceed pre-packed stuff in terms of appearance, taste and nutrition. I particularly love cooking with the fruits of our wonderful Irish waters, so would love this cookbook!

  19. Ahh.. the inspiration is this mix of what is fizzing out from the old record-player speakers and the fresh bits that have just been pulled out of the garden! Good vibes and fresh produce… how can you go wrong?!

  20. HAPPY BLOGIVERSARY! Inspiration comes from cravings, things I’ve been without for months or years & the web, seeing what other people come up with in their kitchens inspires me to think differently about mine.

  21. YAY 2 years! CAKE CAKE CAKE! I just figured out when my blogiversary is – last month! Oops! Oh well, next year haha!

    What inspires me is variety – of ingredients, recipes, sources…. I love to find new things that are managable for everyday cooking, which allows you to cook up something impressive and delicious for the ppl you care about. I show I care with food, so having lots of yummy things to cook up is important to me. You need to have a dish for every occasion after all!

  22. Congrats and happy more blogging!
    For me cooking is a good way to relax and enjoy lovely and also funny moments. I love cooking for my friends and family as much as I doing it with them. Creating dishes on our own is lots of fun and you never know what the outcome is 😉 But also trying out different recipes is very exciting. I love Irish food and baking ideas. But also dishes I learned from my parents which they got from their parents or friends I do a lot. A mixture of old and new is what I love!

  23. Congratulations! I celebrated a year blog birthday recently, it’s nice to mark them!! I am inspired by giving ingredients the best possible treatment I can and to make those I cook for happy and full!!!!

  24. The past few months I’ve been cooking in communal kitchens whilst on the road travelling … I have learnt how to cook and improvise with minimal ingredients/random utensils and still manage to put out tasty healthy food. Its been challenging, fun and so inspiring 🙂

  25. Trying to cook healthy food that my kids will actually eat inspires me heaps, I have come up with some weird but healthy ideas!

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