A dreamy weekend in the South West….

Last weekend, we had the absolute pleasure of joining Nic and Pascal from Équilibre – Fitness for Foodies at a gorgeous retreat set in the surrounds of Foragers, Pemberton.

I will let the photos do (most of) the talking here…most are of food!

Our house was named after that creamy little green fruit we all love…Hass Avocados.

A misty morning before our Saturday morning fitness session..

After fitness training, we indulged in a luxurious country style breakfast. Freshly laid eggs, home baked sourdough, fig jam, real butter, freshly ground coffee, wood smoked speck, Bannister Downs Creamy milk, fresh yoghurts, bananas and muesli.

After brekkie, we all underwent a really simple and quite fun (competitive at times!) Bio-Age test. Then it was back into the food and so we began our ‘Herbs in Spring’ cooking class with Sophie Zalokar.

After this gorgeous feast of Herby Labna, Feta and Herb Butter, Dill and Ginger Chicken Soup (for the soul, pistachio and orange blossom stuffed dates, raw honey and labna…whew! We headed off for a drive around Pemberton. Our first stop….Jarrah Jack’s Brewery…

Followed by a walk around Big Brook Dam to make room for dinner….and more beer 😉

And back to the ranch for sun down and some Kolsch….

The big finale on Saturday night was the Spring Menu Dinner by Sophie Zalokar in The Field Kitchen at Foragers.

First up… Pumpkin Hummus with Lavosh

Followed by a stunning salad of kohlrabi carpaccio, raw milk manchego, mustard greens, pear and walnuts

The magnificent main course was Grass-fed poached beef fillet

Served with a potato and parsnip dauphinoise

And a spring leaf garden salad. Sophie informed us that the leaves were picked at 6pm that evening. So fresh!

Last but definitely not least, one of the most incredible desserts I have ever tasted. Meringue with strawberries, rhubarb and rose-gheranium cream….

We met some great people at the weekend in Foragers and will be forever grateful to Pascal and Nic for organising such a fantastic weekend. I am still dreaming of all of the fresh, whole foods and wishing I could live in Foragers. A girl can dream…….


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