Silverbeet Pesto

I always stand and glare at Silverbeet in the markets with a perplexed look. It has such a funny shaped leaf, I just never know what to make of it. What I do know is that it tastes mighty fine, I normally use it in a green smoothie first thing in the morning. I was out of Spinach one morning and Silverbeet provided a great alternative.


This morning, I popped into the Subi Farmer’s Market and there was an generous amount of green leafy veg on offer; a great thing about Spring is the introduction of lots of greens. This Silverbeet stood out to me, despite completely taking over my basket and being so awkward to carry around with me, it was worth it. It is also commonly known as Chard, I think most veggies have different names depending what part of the world you are in.

I was thinking of pan-frying some or keeping it for smoothies, but then I had a hankering for some pesto and….you know what’s happening here, my Silverbeet became a gorgeous vibrant and extremely healthy looking pesto. I think this is definitely the greenest photo shoot I have ever done for my blog. I was a bit like ‘woah, this is a greeeen picture’.

I used feta from The Margeret River Dairy Company and it adds a gentle saltiness to the pesto. There’s also a big handful of walnuts in there, I’m a big fan of walnuts in pesto. I’m Ā a big fan of walnuts in general. Brain power!!! Like most green leafy veg, Silverbeet boasts a host of vitamins and minerals namely Vitamin C and Dietary Fibre.

This is going into some chicken and buckwheat pasta for tonight’s dinner…..


160g Silverbeet leaves

80g feta

80g walnuts

1 large clove garlic

150ml olive oil

Salt and pepper

Blend silverbeet, feta and nuts together.


Add in the nuts whilst the blender is still running.

Keeping the blender going, drizzle in the olive oil. I had intended on using about 200ml but only ended up needing 150ml.

Add in salt and pepper to taste

Stir through pasta tonight for a delicious green Spring salad. I’m also thinking this would go pretty nicely in my quinoa salads for lunch this week. It made a 500ml jar of pesto so there’s plenty to go around AND Silverbeet is pretty affordable, $3 AUD a bunch. Even better if you’re growing it in your back garden.

What’s your favourite way of using Silverbeet?


6 thoughts on “Silverbeet Pesto

  1. Am loving the spring greens right now! Doing my bit for kale growers across Perth by introducing lots of visitors to the joy of kale chips lately.. am yet to find someone who doesn’t love them. This pesto is a brilliant idea šŸ™‚

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  3. Silver beet. What a pretty name. I usually steam it and serve it in a cheese sauce, sometimes with curry and shallots added. I would like to use it raw more often, but have found it a bit rough in salads.

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