Postcard from Johannesberg

Hello, Hi there, yes I’m back! Having been away from the blog for far too long, I have lots to update you all on. First off, apologies for my absence. I think this has been the longest I have gone without a post but as we are still settling into our new home and awaiting the joys of the internet to arrive, I am a little behind!

Arriving in Johannesberg last month was a major move on both our parts. I don’t think either of us knew what to expect but all I can is I have been totally blown away by this place since I have arrived. We have based ourselves in JHB Metro which is about 30km north of Johannesburg city. All split up into suburbs filled with beautiful lilac coloured Jacaranda’s and as I type I’m gazing out onto blue skies and palm trees. It did take a couple of weeks to settle in. I think uprooting your life will always take it’s toll on you.. I had it in my head that we would be in Perth for a much longer time, so it mentally took some getting used to but I think both of us were definitely ready for a move.

I am still getting my bearings of the place but I adore the adventure. Everything is spread out but every day I am discovering new places, markets, people, animals and food. Oh, the food has been out of this world amazing. South Africans are extremely proud of the provenance of their food and promote only the highest quality. They sure know how to cook a mean steak too. I felt at home instantly. You know when you go somewhere and you feel happy, comfortable and content.

I do have some food related posts coming up but I thought I would treat you to one of our most prominent adventures here in SA so far. A few weeks ago for my birthday (weekend), we headed up north to a place called Pilanesberg National Park. Following a recommendation from a friend, we were pretty eager and very excited to see the local animals. 171km drive north on a Friday evening in the most terrifying hail/thunder/rain storm, we arrived almost 4 hours later. Leaving during rush hour is never a good start to a weekend. Despite that, the minute we hopped out of the car, we were ushered to the outdoor seating area and treated to a scrumptious dinner and then off to catch some shut eye to be ready for our 5am wake up call. I will let the photos do the talking here but my was I breath taken for the entire weekend. We were fortunate to get the Head Ranger as our guide for the weekend and I have to say he made my first South African Safari, a beautiful highlight of the beginning of a new life in this treasure trove of a country.

This last picture was captured on the Saturday night of the Safari. We were trying to get a look at a Leopard that we had previously spotted preying on a small herd of Zebra. It was a pretty spectacular moment but just one of few from the entire weekend.

I just can’t believe that all of this stunning landscape lies just a few hours north of our home.



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