Chocolate Bark Bites

Chocolate Bark Sandwich

I’m in the process of eating my way through the contents of my pantry (yes I like to call my small cupboard of delicious food a pantry) as we are set to jet off home to Ireland this weekend for the Christmas holidays. It always amazes me the amount of food that builds up in just a short few weeks. How much food can one foodie eat? A lot, it seems! We have been kitting out our new abode with all the necessities since we moved in just 5 weeks ago and I have obviously made sure we had emergency supplies of everything. Upon opening the fridge and pantry, I discovered I have about 4 days to complete the scoffing.


I would rather have made this with some Macadamia butter but I’m not in a position to buy even more food and there was an almost full jar of Almond butter in the fridge. It’s a pretty easy snack to put together. I was midst afternoon yoga practice and attempting to master my headstand when my tummy started rumbling for something filling and taking a glance at what we had in store, it became obvious what I needed wanted. Chocolate!! And so this random creation was born out of neccesity, of course. Ahem!

I’m a big dark chocolate fan and I recently came across Madécasse chocolate, which is based on the bean-to-bar concept. Did you know 70% of the worlds chocolate comes from Africa? I am literally living in chocolate heaven!! Their Pink Peppercorn & Citrus (Kaffir Lime) is scrummy but I love their 80%, it is so beautiful and not for the faint hearted. Any time my boyfriend takes a bite, his face scrunches up like he has bitten into a sour lemon. More for me!

So lets’s get crackin’. Having a freezer is pretty necessary unless you have a super cold fridge.

Chocolate & Almond Butter Bark

You could even make this into smaller portions if you have kiddies around and that would probably be a bit more fun for them to make too. They’d be like peanut butter cups (so dreamy!). I didn’t think of that till after I made this giant version but I did have a little bit of fun smashing it up for it’s moment in the spotlight.

Chocolate Bark Sambos
1 & 1/4 bars  80% Dark Chocolate
3-4 tbspns Almond Butter (or your nut butter of choice)
Handful of cacao nibs
Sprinkling of dessicated coconut

Place a piece of greaseproof paper on a plate/baking tray…this has to fit into your freezer.
Melt the chocolate on a heatproof plate/bowl over a saucepan of simmering water.
Pour half of the chocolate onto the greaseproof paper and swirl around until you have an even circle.
Sprinkle with cacao nibs and place this in the freezer for ten minutes.
Place the plate of remaining melted chocolate back on top of the saucepan to keep it melty.
Remove the chocolate from the freezer and spoon the almond butter onto the frozen chocolate until all but the edges of the chocolate have been covered.
Pour over the remainder of the chocolate, sealing the edges and then sprinkle with more cacao nibs and to make it look a little festive, a sprinkling of dessicated coconut.
Place in the freezer for 30 minutes.
You can store this in the freezer when it is not being eaten, if you can resist eating it all in one go.

Almond Butter ooze

Sometimes the best ideas can come to you when you are upside down. A different perspective maybe?


3 thoughts on “Chocolate Bark Bites

  1. Oh! I’m away to make this NOW!!! Will be using peanut butter though, since it’s all I have. A hazelnut combo would work beautifully too. Fab!

    I am an 80 percent lover and so is my wee girlie but both the boys of the house despise it. What a shame!

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