Week 5 in Ballymaloe….slump, what slump?

This week’s update is pretty brief. The notorious Ballymaloe ‘week 5 slump’ creeped up on me out of nowhere midway through last week and so I was a little distracted with nerves and worries and forgot to get snapping. We did have snow however….


IMG_7982Towards the end of the week, things definitely took a turn for the better. I had some amazing experiences in the kitchen and loved experimenting with gluten free recipes. Sadly after a month of eating gluten, my body just decided enough was enough so I am back to eating no gluten which is hard, especially in cookery school. For me, I would rather feel energised and nourished from what I eat than just satisfy a craving. Don’t get me wrong, I love the delicious white and brown yeast breads that we have been making and only last week, we were introduced to pasta making. However, there are alternatives and needless to say I am certainly not going hungry 😉

Straight after our Friday afternoon demo, I packed up my bags and hightailed it to Dublin for the weekend. I had visions of shopping, eating and wandering aimlessly around the city. With shoulders heavy with anxious worries, I knew this was the best stress buster.


A trip to Dublin is not complete without a visit to the Temple Bar Food Market. I’m a big fan of Llewellyns Orchard. Steaming hot cups of mulled apple juice with an optional shot of Calvados Apple Brandy…I think so!!


IMG_8000And a visit Ed Hicks stall at the TB Food Market is a must. The smells of the unctuous hot dogs being sizzled always draw in the crowds and his Bacon Jam gets me every.single. time. Irresistible!!


With a full belly and happy heart I had a yearning for some….Ice Cream!! On a cold almost wintry day in Dublin? Yes, Please!!


A spot of vintage shopping always makes me a happy lady and I couldn’t resist the AMAZING sale on in Om Diva. So much wonderful, pretty, stunning and special dresses for a bargain!


My very first trip to the Pepper Pot Cafe was a spectacular event. They were so nice about catering for gluten free me and even had some rockin’ suggestions of what would go best with their delicious gluten free bread. Could I go past the bacon and cream cheese? no siree bob!!!


and I just LOVE their tea cups and pretty plates….


With a fresh new energy flowing through me and more a focused head on my shoulders, I ventured back down to the wilds of East Cork back to Ballymaloe. Immediately upon arrival, I was greeted with hugs, delicious food and heartwarming smiles.

Life….is good!


3 thoughts on “Week 5 in Ballymaloe….slump, what slump?

  1. HI! I’m currently really considering the this Cookery School for Jan-March of 2014 and it was refreshing for me to read that you also have some dietary restrictions. I’m not gluten free but I don’t eat white flour… do you think this would be possible here? To not eat any white flour? I can have whole wheat flour, rice flour, etc. just not white!
    Also, I wanted to say that you’re an incredibly writer and you’ve really made me more and more interested in the school — well more than I already was!

    • Hi Jamie, thank you for your kind words. To answer your question, yes you should definitely go to Ballymaloe and you will be perfectly okay not eating white flour. Several of us were practicing gluten free recipes throughout the duration of the course. One of the teachers is also a naturopath and has plenty of useful information for any student interested. I hope you do go to Ballymaloe, it’s truly amazing!

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