Ballymaloe Cookery School….Week 6: I wanna know what Lovage!

♫ And I want you to show me…..♫


Ending week 6 at Ballymaloe with our first exam. We had our herb and salad leaf identification exam on Friday afternoon followed by a technique exam. 20 minutes before the exam, my nerves decided to kick in, leaving me all a fluster in the exam but I got there in the end. I was extremely lucky to have Rachel Allen as my examiner and when she saw me struggle she was there to give me that push of encouragement that I needed. By the time I walked out of the kitchen over an hour later, I was ready for a drink  the weekend.

We had a big girly weekend planned and once prepped and ready to go, the ladies hit the road for Cork. After trundling around Cork city for the best part of an hour, we headed to see what Kate Lawlor was up to in Fenn’s Quay. My, were we blown away! The food at Fenn’s Quay is sourced from The English Market and focuses on local and seasonal. Their style is unique and simply done with vibrant flavours and exquisite twists on classic (Cashel Blue Ice-Cream anyone?!)

Bright and early the following morning, we headed to Idaho Cafe to see Richard and Mairead Jacob. After hearing Darina preach to us that they are the bees knees when it comes to running a cafe, we were all dying to get there. A heart warming bowl of porridge sprinkled in brown sugar was the cherry on my Saturday morning. And so with full bellies and rosy cheeks, we hit the road for Dingle. I have fond memories of holidaying in Dingle years ago. I’m sure my mum will be digging the pictures out any day now 😉 This time it was only a brief visit but we got in a lot more than I had hoped!

With a quick pit stop in Killarney…I thought Murphy’s Ice Cream would be the perfect treat for lunch!















En route back to reality, our grumbling tummies got the better of us. The Smokehouse, Killarney was the business.




So now the next 6 weeks of the course is ahead of me and with a fresh new spirit I’m ready to take it on. I feel ready for a bigger challenge, both in the kitchen and mentally (I am my worst competition)


4 thoughts on “Ballymaloe Cookery School….Week 6: I wanna know what Lovage!

  1. Well done Carolanne! I love hearing about your time at Ballymaloe – sounds like you’re having an absolute ball! J

    We had a fun Cake Club yesterday – but Jacqui has probably already told you ALL about it. J With the theme being “dough”, I was surprised that only one loaf of bread was baked and it was a sourdough loaf at that! Yay! Beautiful texture – her (I can’t remember her name) first ever sourdough loaf after 3 weeks of nurturing her very own starter. I thought seriously about making Sophie Zalokar’s Fig & Fennel bread, but that would have meant buying some wholemeal flour as well as some strong white flour. I already had enough home-dried figs from our tree and plenty of fresh fennel seeds. I WILL make it one day, because it looks so nice. J I finished up making some gluten-free almond flour crackers with guacamole and at the last minute I decided to bake a Fresh Fig & Almond Crostata (or tart) – now THAT was DIVINE! Will definitely make that again! J

    Enjoy your next 6 weeks. It will all go far too fast. Ah well – what wonderful memories you will have. J

    Love and hugs

    Eileen xoxo

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