Discovering Joburg


Still in my first week back in the city of gold, I’ve been eager to discover and go further than I did when I was here last year. So, luckily for me, my friend Mbali came knocking and offered to take me on a whirlwind tour of the city she like so many others loves.

We hopped in the car and scooted down to Braamfontein for a delish coffee from newly opened Father Coffee. These guys know their coffee. As you watch them cup the milk jug to wait for the milk to come to the exact temperature. You know a heavenly cup of your morning caffeine fix is coming your way.



Right next door to Father, is the Neighbourgoodsmarket market. Brimming with food stalls of all sorts. Burgers, Paella, Waffles & Ice-Cream, vintage clothes and craft beers. Keeping a well dressed foodie extremely happy and nourished!



Right across the road, 70 Juta stands brightly on the corner. With Post Cafe feeding the troops and Parooz Fashions & Raw Hanger keeping them in style. Not to mention the gorgeous Lomography shop to teasing me to buy all the nice things!




We popped our heads into Kitcheners, which by the smell alone brought back serious memories of growing up and sitting in the corner with bags of Taytos and bottles of Cidona between us. Kitcheners is the second oldest pub in Joburg and I was seriously digging the wallpaper. Still the same one from when the building was first built in the early 1900’s.



Sustenance was needed so we headed for Daleahs, a new Greek inspired cafe housed inside the most gorgeous bright green building. With the autumn sun shining down on it, it was just calling out to us. We popped in to have a look around and stayed for a sambo. I loved all of the quirky books they had on offer.



Time to move on…swiftly. We had just started and were already behind the time. Heading towards Constitution Hill, we pulled in and had a walk around. During the Apartheid, parts of it were used as an old women’s prison. It was pretty surreal to be walking around the open grounds. In the background, music was playing. A recording of women prisoners who sang to comfort themselves or sometimes forced to by the authorities.



After a brief visit, we headed to the city centre for shopping. I never really would have debated going to the city before but Mbali was all about showing me what the city was really like. People going to and from shops, cafes, work. Minding their own business..noone out to nab my handbag. I felt so comfortable and loved being back in a big city once again. Our shopping trip was brief as yet again we were running out of time. We headed to Maboneng and checked the very cool Market on Main space. The Canteen age is open and apparently do the most amazing pasta but with full bellies, we’ll just have to wait until next time. I loved the use of the old factory space. It has turned into such a creative space as outlet for individuals to share their ideas and interests.

Lunch time struck, which meant drinks at The Living Room. Atop the Main Change building in Maboneng and run by a brother and sister duo. The calm that oozes out of that place was amazing. A stunning rooftop greenhouse style bar using locally sourced organic produce. Plants creeping out of frames on the wall. Jars of all sizes home to plants of all varieties. I loved it!


I could have stayed there all day and night but there was more to see…we headed to Melville to check out 44 Stanley. Some very cool eateries, gorgeous homeware shops & galleries. Will be going back for munchies and kitchenalia



AND then we ate more food. We stopped off at Gingko’s in Parkview on our way home. Sumac roasted lamb…incredible.


One of my all time favourite places to hang out on a Saturday morning is most definitely The Bryanston Organic Markets. Arriving starving and ready to eat, we headed straight to Bettina’s for scones and coffee. This lady knows how to bake and make gorgeous coffee.


We also visited the organic veg stall and picked up gorgeous organic veggies, eggs and then to top it off with some real sourdough from Pattisserie du Paris and the most amazing cheeses from Cremalat. So, I’ll stop talking about food now. Till next time….


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