Happy National Potato Day Ireland!


Ireland is going mad for Spuds this week as National Potato Day kicked off today. I pine for Golden Wonders on a daily basis and I dream of my mother’s potato cakes on a lazy Saturday morning. Not to forget the ever popular Rooster potato. When I see a bag of those red skinned beauties coming in the door, my eyes instantly light up!

I spent three months at Ballymaloe eating the dreamiest of potatoes; in the form of Colcannon, Roasties, Champ, Fadge, Crisps, Farls, Soup, Salad, Gratin, Fondant…I could go on. Really. My love for spuds did somewhat deepen. I, without fail ,always went back for seconds, lifting creamy spoonfuls of that green speckled Champ on to my plate or cutting into a roastie; crispy on the outside and steaming and fluffy on the inside. I get lost in dreams of potatoes. A lot.

Everywhere in the world I go, once people hear my accent, the first thing they ask me about is potatoes. Do I eat them at every meal? Every Day? I’ve been invited to dinner parties and challenged by the host to bring along the best mashed potatoes, ever. I succeeded and it always ends deliciously! The perfect amounts of cream, butter and salt and hey presto, you have a bowl of creamy mash worth diving in to.

Now the potatoes are not a native vegetable to Ireland, but introduced by Sir Walter Raleigh to Cork originally. And boy are we happy that he did just that. Our humble spud is a thing of beauty and nowhere in the world have  I been able to have that same floury and heart warming spud I dream of so often.

Over the last few days, I’ve noticed some of my fellow Irish foodbloggers posting some scrumptious recipes using potatoes: Epic Chocolate, Porter and Potato Cake from Bibliocook, Quick Potato Soup from Wholesome Ireland and Grilled Pototo Skewers from The Daily Spud, yes Ireland’s very own blogger dedicated all to the wonders of potatoes. Also make sure to check out Potato.ie for recipes and a list of events on today and of course Keogh’s, the family behind some of Ireland’s delicious Irish potatoes and those crisps…someone please send me a packet of their Atlantic Sea Salt and Irish Cider Vinegar Crisps. PLEASE!!!

So, I wish all of my favourite Spuds, a very Happy National Potato Day……eat an extra spud for me. Please!


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