Strawberries and Cream {vegan}

Strawberries Title

One of life’s little pleasures, the simple pairing of fresh and juicy strawberries with soft and velvety cream. Total and utter bliss and perfect for that romantic picnic. No romantic picnics happening around here at the moment though, I’m living the Bachelorette lifestyle whilst Tomás is in Lourdes with the Dublin diocese. He’s the one with the halo.

Strawberries and Cream

Yesterday, I started at the Fourways Farmer’s Market. I was so excited about setting up there. It’s one of the prettiest markets around and so many amazing stalls. I was stationed beside decadent cupcakes, biltong, italian lasagne and a fresh fruit stall with the biggest grapefruits I have ever seen and my favourite, freshly made coconut products. I was surrounded by people absorbed in producing great food. The customers who came by the stall were so friendly and had such nice things to say about my products. I was exhausted and a little sunburnt but excited to be a part of this community.


Photo by Sarah Hough

For lunch, I snagged the very last fresh coconut from the Happy Coconut stall, it was enormous and just what I needed. A cool and hydrating bowl of tasty coconut juice. Yum! To go along with this, I grabbed a punnet of juicy looking strawberries. When I was buying mine, another customer remarked ‘They don’t even look real, they’re so gorgeous’. Contented with my lot, the rest of the day flew by and we sold out our goodies. Hurrah!

Strawberries Spoon

Unfortunately, this morning I woke up with a pounding headache and a stuffy nose. It’s 26 degrees outside, the sun is shining, the sky is the brightest blue and I’m getting a cold. HOW?!! Snuggled up on the couch, I was feeling sorry for myself like I needed a little pampering and suddenly remembered the remaining strawberries were hidden in the back of the fridge. Lurking in a jar beside the strawberries was a fresh pot of coconut cream. Divine, I thought! Strawberries dipped in freshly whipped Coconut Cream. Exactly what I needed.



1/2 Punnet of Strawberries

1/2 tin Coconut Cream, refrigerated

1 tbspn Date Syrup*

Place the coconut cream in the refrigerator to thicken.

Whisk until soft peaks form and add a tablespoon of date syrup.

Place the whipped coconut cream into the fridge and allow to set for a few minutes.

Remove when ready to eat and lovingly dip your strawberries in to the coconut cream.

Perfect for a little self-pampering, even better with your favourite person by your side.

Strawberries Cream

*Date Syrup

200g Medjool Dates

350ml Water

Pinch Salt

In a food processor, add the dates and salt. Slowly drizzle in the water until the correct syrup like consistency is reached. Use in place of sweeteners, perfect drizzled over porridge, smoothies or to sweeten your tea!




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