A few of my favourite things

Avo Nice Day


My kitchen pantry constantly has a stash of these vibrant fleshed beauties. These particular ones {pictured} came from the Bryanston Organic Market this week. They are bigger than my hand and have provided me with the creamiest and most delicious accompaniment to salads and dips this week. I love living in country that produces such a gorgeous bounty. The soft flesh is nearly bursting out of their skin and it make me so happy when I pick up an Avo that is so firm to to the touch, you can tell it is about to complete your meal. Packed full of nutritious fibre and satiating healthy fats, Avo’s just can’t go wrong.

Apron Strings – Nessa Robins

Apron String

This summer at the Ballymaloe Lit Fest, I had the absolute pleasure of meeting up with many food bloggers, who I’ve known via the twitterverse for so many years but due to my travelling and rarity of being on Irish soil had never met before. One such blogger was Nessa Robins, over the weekend she filled us in on the rollercoaster of writing a cookbook. It all sounded so amazing and once it came on sale, I immediately went online to purchase my copy. Nearly 5 weeks later, the postman finally delivered my parcel. I ripped open the package and plonked myself on the couch ready to dive right in. From the moment I opened the cover until I closed it, I had fallen in love. The book tells a story of an amazing woman and her family. Her ups and downs through life and dishes inspired by her loved ones. The photography, just like on her blog, is absolutely breathtakingly beautiful. She has such a wonderful eye for detail and each recipe is bursting with colour. If you don’t have a copy, you must get one. Definitely one of my favourites of this year.

Leafy Greens Cafe – Antonia de Luca

Leafy Greens

A few weeks back, I visited Leafy Greens Cafe for the first time. A raw/vegan food cafe run by Antonia de Luca. Set on stunning grounds in Muldersdrift with clucking hens and the wonderful aroma of roasting coffee sitting heavily in the air. Ever since visiting, I have been dreaming of the raw pizza and intensely rich chocolate cake. My taste senses were blown away by the extraordinary amount of flavour combinations and textures provided by raw food. I am going back there next week just so I can devour a slice of cake.



Last weekend saw me take to the hilly terrain of Delta Park and run around the Spruit with some of my fellow Bootcampers. The last time I took part in a run was just over a year ago at the 12km City2Surf in Perth. My first ever run which I completed 51 seconds over my assigned time. Eep! I was a little nervous about last weekends commitment, but nevertheless I went for it. As we set off at a steady pace, our group was trodding along nicely, cyclists whizzing past greeting us and families out walking their dogs filled the park. The sun was beaming on us and luckily I was covered in sun screen. {I think Joburg has bypassed Spring and gone straight for Summer, it was scorching!} The run was 6km through sandy paths, passed serene lakes and towering trees, providing some shade. Once the run was over, I was a little pleased. I did enjoy every minute of it but old injuries crept up on me and the enormous hill at the beginning was tough. It has made me realise just how much I love to run. The adrenaline kicks in and you find your pace. Being surrounded by nature and clearing my head, for me was a great start to the weekend.

FEAST : A Dinner Journal – by Donal Skehan


Image source

Last week saw the release of the second edition of FEAST – A Dinner Journal hit the shelves. Donal Skehan’s new magazine showcases some of the most outstanding food producers/businesses our little island of Ireland has to offer. From the beautifully styled food photography to the stories behind family run businesses to new start ups and sumptuous recipes, FEAST is definitely one to have on your magazine shelf this season. I purchased my copy via the app on my iPad, which is perfect for me as I travel and don’t always want to lug around a box full of magazines.

Butternut Squash


I swear one day, I will turn into a Butternut Squash. I absolutely love them and they are so versatile; soup, gnocchi, pureé, chips, risotto, ice cream, coleslaw, burgers. I adore it cubed and roasted in coconut oil for 30 mins @ 190°C. The sweet, caramelised edges lift my spirits and is the perfect accompaniment to a homemade beef burger. There are also a good source of fibre….so without even knowing it, you’re eating healthily!


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