Heritage Day

RLNR ZebrasHeritage Day takes place on September 24th every year in South Africa. This year was my first and I loved it! South Africans around the country embracing their day off work by sparking up the Braai and indulging in cultural activities to embrace their heritage. South Africa is such a culturally diverse and rich country it is so amazing to see a country celebrate it in such a fun and wholesome way.

We took off to the Rhino and Lion Nature Reserve just 45km away from our front door set in the sahara-esque landscape that is the Cradle of Humankind. What we were expecting was completely different to what we received. My impression had been that there were Lions in some open space cages and you could pull up and have a lewk. Sounds a bit wrong so I’m glad that that wasn’t what the reserve is all about.

There are Brown and White Lions, Rhinos, Zebras, Giraffes, Wild Dogs and Cheetahs to name just a few. We saw just as much variety in the gorgeous animals that we saw in Kruger. All of the animals have their own territory and are cordoned off by fences that span hundreds of kilometers. So they live quite a happy lifestyle and have tons of space to roam just not access to the whole park. The rangers feed the animals so they are not encouraged to feast on one another, which is what happens in most reserves, so I believe.

It was our second time to see Wild Dogs and they are fast becoming one of my favourite South African animals. Highly endangered and so they are very protected. RLNR Wild Dogs2 RLNR Wild Dogs1 RLNR WIld DogsWIld Dogs3WIld Dogs4Wild Dogs5WIld Dogs6WIld Dogs7

It was such an unexpcted surprise of a day that resulted in a 2-hour mini safari. I couldn’t believe that this reserve was so close to where we lay our heads at night. So blessed!

RNNR Boks RLNR Watering Hole RLNR Rhino RLNR OstrichA definite highlight was sitting beside a pair of Cheetahs whilst they were having their lunch. Apparently we drove past a pack of 7 Cheetahs in Kruger without noticing them so we were pretty happy to catch them having some nibbles.


And of course, as Heritage Day coincides with Braai Day, a national sport, we couldn’t finish the day off without lighting up the fire fuelled pit to sizzle some delicious Milk Stout Beef Sausages I picked up from our local butcher, which were made right in front of me. He even let me taste the raw product. So lush!

RLNR Braai


One thought on “Heritage Day

  1. Lovely pics, Wild dogs are very special, you may like a visit to De Wildt where cheetah and Wild Dogs are protected and bred. I never wrote a blog post about De Wildt as I had very mixed feelings. On one had impressed that people are doing something to preserve these wonderful species on the other I didn’t like the fact that they are never re-introduced to the wild and that they are fed, I felt that not having them in an environment where they could hunt somehow took away a large part of the essence which makes them the magnificent animals which they are, and at the core they are hunters.

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