About Carolanne

CA Margaret River

Carolanne’s Kitchen is a place where food creativity blossoms. A traveling food creative, you’ll rarely find me on the green grasses of my home in Ireland and you’ll always find me eating and if not, I’ll be talking about it. Currently based in Johannesburg, South Africa where I seem to have landed myself for the indefinite future and loving every second of it.

I spend a lot of my time cooking, photographing and traveling but mostly eating and dreaming of cooking and eating. I live to experiment and food experiments are always so tasty. I’ll probably always be in the kitchen. If you come knocking, there will most likely be cookies or scones in the oven.

I recently graduated from the Ballymaloe Cookery School in Co. Cork, Ireland where I pursued a culinary dream.

I take all of the photos for my blog with my Canon 600D unless stated otherwise.

Apart from blogging and eating:

Co-Founder of The Secret Supper Club, Perth.

Founder of the Sligo Supper Clubs in 2013 (Ireland)

Baker for the Retro Bakes food stall where we sell old skool baked goods (Ireland)

Market Stall at The Fourways Farmer’s Market (South Africa)


9 thoughts on “About Carolanne

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  2. wow carolanne this is really brilliant, i remember making chocolate leaves in your house when we were about 11! who knew it would turn into something so great!!xxx

  3. Hello Carolanne,
    First time on your blog and loved being here.I found you through the fabulous Chocolate and poached peach cake you linked up at the Death by Chocolate event.That is a brilliant cake idea and I love browsing through your other recipes as well – they were amazing:)So nice knowing you and do drop by my place sometime too!

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