A visit to Kruger Park + a recipe

I am still smiling after the weekend that we treated ourselves to in Kruger Park. A weekend of wilderness, game drives, Braai’s, great friends, beautiful sunshine and tasty beer. The long weekend approached with much anticipation and sheer excitement. I’ve … Continue reading

Discovering Joburg


Still in my first week back in the city of gold, I’ve been eager to discover and go further than I did when I was here last year. So, luckily for me, my friend Mbali came knocking and offered to take me on a whirlwind tour of the city she like so many others loves.

We hopped in the car and scooted down to Braamfontein for a delish coffee from newly opened Father Coffee. These guys know their coffee. As you watch them cup the milk jug to wait for the milk to come to the exact temperature. You know a heavenly cup of your morning caffeine fix is coming your way.



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The beginning of a new life….in food!

So it has been a pretty big year in Carolanne’s Kitchen. We started 2012 off on a great note with family in Ireland, then back to Perth in January and a surprise move to South Africa in October. Coming home for Christmas this year was a seriously anticipated trip. This was my longest time away from the nest and I have truly embraced every moment of being in Ireland this Christmas. Pints of stout by the fire, hugs from old and new friends, turkey and ham, curling up by the fire, wind and rain, Irish food. All of it, even the little things have made this a truly spectacular time of year for me.

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Postcard from Johannesberg

Hello, Hi there, yes I’m back! Having been away from the blog for far too long, I have lots to update you all on. First off, apologies for my absence. I think this has been the longest I have gone without a post but as we are still settling into our new home and awaiting the joys of the internet to arrive, I am a little behind!

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So long…..

Things have been a bit quiet around here for the last couple of weeks. That is, quiet on the blog but life has certainly not been so. There have been restless and sometimes sleepless nights. A busy mind and a tired body. Lots of last minute catch-ups with old friends, discovering new places with new friends. The last few weeks have been leading up to my time to say so long to Perth. For a short while, hopefully.

Perth, you have been truly an inspiration. You have introduced me to friends I will keep for life. You created a sense of belonging for me and never once treated me like a blow-in. You made me really understand and appreciate the meaning of what it is to be proud of where you come from. The people I have met in Perth are so proud and so they should be. Perth may well be the most isolated city in the world but when you’re here, it does not feel like it. The community in Perth is strong and thriving. Especially that of local businesses, local producers and the local farmers who I have come to know and respect for their ongoing hard work to make this place the way it is.

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A dreamy weekend in the South West….

Last weekend, we had the absolute pleasure of joining Nic and Pascal from Équilibre – Fitness for Foodies at a gorgeous retreat set in the surrounds of Foragers, Pemberton.

I will let the photos do (most of) the talking here…most are of food!

Our house was named after that creamy little green fruit we all love…Hass Avocados.

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