Lemon and Coconut Macaroons

Good ole fashioned Macaroons. Chomping down on these when I was a two foot tall rapscallion was a regular thing. Plucked off the wire rack with my pudgy little hands was the best time to catch them before the masses discovered there was a new batch on offer. Being the youngest and having the biggest appetite in our place always had me in the prime location for goodies at all times. You would find me hanging about the kitchen door, peeking through the gap, making sure I arrived at the right time. I was always hounding mum for more goodies. She must have thought she was feeding an army with me around. I still retain my outrageously healthy appetite thanks to a wholesome upbringing on hearty meals around the kitchen table.

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Temple Bar Food Market

I am pretty excited about the news I am sharing with you. For the past couple of months, Temple Bar’s Meeting House Square in Dublin City has been having a little make over of sorts. Due to this, the weekly Temple Bar food markets were then spilled out all over Temple Bar creating a treasure trail of market stalls. But now, Meeting House Square is back and it’s more beautiful than ever.

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The Lunchbox

The lovely Shane O’ Leary from mylunch.ie approached me a couple of weeks ago with a new idea for ‘The Lunchbox‘, the popular blog feature on mylunch.ie. The idea of  ‘Be Our Guest’ is to profile food bloggers, celebs and users about their favourite lunch spots and foodie habits.

I immediately thought this was a great idea and wanted to be involved straight away. However, with blogging and my hectic social life :p it took me a little longer than I (and he) had expected to sit down and write a few words about myself. I didn’t realise how hard that would be!

Well, I finally got myself together and put finger to keyboard and here it is. I really enjoyed working with Shane and think that it is a great idea. The Irish Foodie scene is becoming so popular these days and it’s great to see so many initiatives popping up.

I hope you enjoy the read and I look forward to hearing from you.


Paddys Day Food Parade



If you haven’t already, pop over and check out Daily Spud’s round up for the Paddy’s Day Food Parade. A celebration of all things Irish in the foodie department. From Irish Mojito’s to Brown Bread Ice Cream, there’s lot to enjoy.

I hope everyone had a fab Paddy’s Day. The celebrations here in Doha were spectacular. The Qatar Irish Society held the Irish Ball in the Ramada Hotel. 600 of us got our ball gowns and tuxes out for the night and danced the night away.

I was lucky enough to have my recipes feature in the ball’s programme. 3 traditional Irish recipes were chosen. Bread and Butter Pudding, Brown Bread and Traditional Irish Boxty. It was pretty cool to see my recipes and pictures in print.

I’ll get them up here as soon as possible!!




I know it is the day after Valentines but I’m still feeling all lovey dovey. I spent Valentines minus a boy, who was off in foreign lands saving the world of engineering from implosion so I joined up with 5 lovely ladies on Valentines night and we celebrated Valentines with a beautiful slap up meal of lasagne with a side salad of straweberries and feta, downed with a couple of glasses of the vino and swiftly followed by a man shaped chocolate brownie….ooozing with chocolatey nutella goodness and lathered in white chocolate and hazelnuts….. Om nom nom



(Apologies for the bad picture quality, taken with my BlackBerry, the only camera device on hand….don’t judge me :p)


So, I hope wherever you are and whoever you were with that you had a beautiful Valentines Day!


I have had Foreigner, ‘I want to know what love is’ blaring on my ipod all week and we all know you can’t beat a loved up cheesy power ballad.


Happy Valentines from Carol-Anne’s Kitchen 🙂

2010 in review

The stats helper monkeys at WordPress.com mulled over how this blog did in 2010, and here’s a high level summary of its overall blog health:

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The busiest day of the year was August 25th with 157 views. The most popular post that day was About Carol-Anne.

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