A visit to Kruger Park + a recipe

I am still smiling after the weekend that we treated ourselves to in Kruger Park. A weekend of wilderness, game drives, Braai’s, great friends, beautiful sunshine and tasty beer. The long weekend approached with much anticipation and sheer excitement. I’ve … Continue reading

Discovering Joburg


Still in my first week back in the city of gold, I’ve been eager to discover and go further than I did when I was here last year. So, luckily for me, my friend Mbali came knocking and offered to take me on a whirlwind tour of the city she like so many others loves.

We hopped in the car and scooted down to Braamfontein for a delish coffee from newly opened Father Coffee. These guys know their coffee. As you watch them cup the milk jug to wait for the milk to come to the exact temperature. You know a heavenly cup of your morning caffeine fix is coming your way.



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So long…..

Things have been a bit quiet around here for the last couple of weeks. That is, quiet on the blog but life has certainly not been so. There have been restless and sometimes sleepless nights. A busy mind and a tired body. Lots of last minute catch-ups with old friends, discovering new places with new friends. The last few weeks have been leading up to my time to say so long to Perth. For a short while, hopefully.

Perth, you have been truly an inspiration. You have introduced me to friends I will keep for life. You created a sense of belonging for me and never once treated me like a blow-in. You made me really understand and appreciate the meaning of what it is to be proud of where you come from. The people I have met in Perth are so proud and so they should be. Perth may well be the most isolated city in the world but when you’re here, it does not feel like it. The community in Perth is strong and thriving. Especially that of local businesses, local producers and the local farmers who I have come to know and respect for their ongoing hard work to make this place the way it is.

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hazy dayzie

What a day to wake up to! An unbelievable, glorious sunny day in WA today..we headed off to the Farmer’s Market down in Subi to collect some goodies to fill the pantry. Aside from getting a little side tracked with macaroons and cinammon twigs and gorgeous coffee, we did get our bags full of veggies, fruit, milk & cheese, sourdough, pecans, eggs and herbs & salad leaves. The thing I love about the markets, is that the farmer, baker, grower and lover of their very own produce is the one who puts it straight into your hand.

These images are a mix of what myself and the boy did when we were playing with a new Canon 50 mm f/1.8 lens I picked up yesterday.  We’re just starting out although, I did love the outcome of the images we captured today.

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Cookery Class at Casa Luna, Ubud

When I was on my mini break in Bali. I ventured upon a lot of cookery schools, mainly booked out. No space for one more? Nope. Darn it! Then I found the gorgeous Casa Luna Cookery School. Hurrah!

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Spot & Win: A trip to Ireland

Foodspotting have teamed up with DiscoverIreland.com to offer their US readers the chance to win a Spot & Win competition.

The idea behind the competition came with all of the media hype surrounding the U.S. Presidential visit to Ireland this month. Foodspotting want to offer their US readers a chance to win an all expenses paid food exploration trip to Ireland, thanks to Discover Ireland.

The competition involves the readers spotting some of the many scrumptious Irish Dishes that are featured either on the Foodspotting.com website or the Foodspotting mobile apps. The more dishes you spot, the more chances to win!!!

Food sightings are an amazing feature on the Foodspotting site. It gives members a chance to share dishes and food sightings from all over and this competition marks the beginning of sharing certain food sightings, with the promise of more to come.

As an enthusiastic Irish Foodie, I think this competition is an amazing way of getting Irish Food on the foodie scene worldwide. Living away from home for so long, I am always preaching the magical ways of our traditional wholesome food and now Foodspotting are putting it on the map and creating an outlet to expose it to the masses!!!

Some of the eligible Irish dishes to spot are :

Black Pudding


Corned Beef

Cottage Pie


Irish Breakfast

Irish Coffee

Irish Soda


Smithwick’s Beer


So, go on all you Irish Food enthusiasts…..get spotting!!!

Head over here for more info on the competition and the rules…