Raw Chocolate Milkshake {Vegan}

Last weekend in Cape Town, I imbibed in a delicious Milkshake concoction of Jack Daniels and Peanut Butter. It was glorious and the perfect accompaniment to the Royale Eatery‘s Wagyu Burger. I’ve been dreaming about milkshakes ever since coming back … Continue reading

Chocolate Bark Bites

Chocolate Bark Sandwich

I’m in the process of eating my way through the contents of my pantry (yes I like to call my small cupboard of delicious food a pantry) as we are set to jet off home to Ireland this weekend for the Christmas holidays. It always amazes me the amount of food that builds up in just a short few weeks. How much food can one foodie eat? A lot, it seems! We have been kitting out our new abode with all the necessities since we moved in just 5 weeks ago and I have obviously made sure we had emergency supplies of everything. Upon opening the fridge and pantry, I discovered I have about 4 days to complete the scoffing.

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