Strawberries and Cream {vegan}

One of life’s little pleasures, the simple pairing of fresh and juicy strawberries with soft and velvety cream. Total and utter bliss and perfect for that romantic picnic. No romantic picnics happening around here at the moment though, I’m living … Continue reading

A visit to Kruger Park + a recipe

I am still smiling after the weekend that we treated ourselves to in Kruger Park. A weekend of wilderness, game drives, Braai’s, great friends, beautiful sunshine and tasty beer. The long weekend approached with much anticipation and sheer excitement. I’ve … Continue reading

Ballymaloe Cookery School Weeks 11 & 12… long sweeties!

And so my final post on my time spent at Ballymaloe.



During Week 11, we were taken on a speial little tour of Ballymaloe House. Over the last 3 months, I never got the chance to go and visit the house so really loved hearing the history and imagining what it was all like back in 1963 when it all began.

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Ballymaloe Cookery School Week 9 & 10…Keep Calm and Eat Butter


The running theme over the last two weeks has certainly been butter based. We have been introduced to the wonders of Brioche, Croissants and Pain au Chocolat, Flaky and Puff Pastry. Our waste lines are feeling it and our appetites are craving it.

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Ballymaloe Cookery School Week 9….Sunshine, School Tours and Smiles!

Can somebody tell me where the time is going to? I cannot believe we are embarking on Week 9 at Ballymaloe. Last week seems like a life time ago. So much happens on a daily basis here that you really … Continue reading

Ballymaloe Cookery School Week 7……Inspired!

Feed Me

This week I came to the realisation that yes I can do anything, but not everything. All at the same time. In 3 hours. Taking on a lot of extra work to push myself and learning some new techniques to broaden my skill set seemed like a great idea, but in the moment it made me feel frazzled and overwhelmed. I’m glad I did it, I felt as though I stepped my game up a notch. I am producing more wholesome food with less effort and really loving how my food is coming together. It’s a pretty good feeling. Like when you start to learn to drive a car and everyone says one day it will just come to you and you get the knack. Cooking, for me, is a bit like that. You get the knack but you continue to keep learning and growing with the food.

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Ballymaloe Cookery School….Week 6: I wanna know what Lovage!

♫ And I want you to show me…..♫


Ending week 6 at Ballymaloe with our first exam. We had our herb and salad leaf identification exam on Friday afternoon followed by a technique exam. 20 minutes before the exam, my nerves decided to kick in, leaving me all a fluster in the exam but I got there in the end. I was extremely lucky to have Rachel Allen as my examiner and when she saw me struggle she was there to give me that push of encouragement that I needed. By the time I walked out of the kitchen over an hour later, I was ready for a drink  the weekend.

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