I can has pancake love?

Pancake Tuesday, Mardi Gras, Shrove Tuesday…..(whatever tickles your fancy) has descended upon us and what better way to spend a Tuesday than gobbling up some seriously mouth watering pancakes.  In preparation for this special day, I put my pancake thinking cap on and dug up a few ideas, I put together some of my favourite ideas and I was so lucky to have stumbled upon my new favourite and extremely cute heart shaped pancake pan. Perfect pancake love!



As I have never had the greatest luck following pancake recipes, The Boy was kind enough to take care of that side, so I sent out an emergency ‘I need your pancake recipe fast’ message, I got the recipe and he had a little chuckle at my expense! But, his recipe is foolproof and absolutely gorgeous (biased? me, never!!)


All you need for perfect pancakes is


2 cups flour

1 egg

1egg white

2 cups milk


Sieve the 2 cups of flour in to a mixing bowl.

Make a well in the centre.

Drop in the whole egg and egg white and whisk.

Keep whisking as you add in the milk.

It should end up lovely and creamy, no bumps!

Heat a pan with some butter and add in a ladel of your batter, fry for about 4 minutes on each side.

Fry until golden brown, avoid over cooking as they may become a tad rubbery!


And top with….. (this is the best part!)


Nutella and Marshmallow Extravaganza

(Lather in nutella, top with marshmallows and pop under a hot grill for 20 seconds…don’t take you eye off them in case they burn!)



Top with stewed apples and blackberries.

(Heat butter in a pan and add chopped apples, brown sugar, cinammon and blackberries)



Fried rashers and drizzle in Maple Syrup, lovely with a cup a cha!



Chocolate Chip

Ladel the batter into the pan and throw in a few dark chocolate chips and just watch them melt….your heart :p



Tradtional Sugar and Lemon